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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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monkey lewis a hobbyist user from the back of the theatre writes:
well, this little, well, not little...that's precisely it, this synth is amazing because it can crack the bajesus both out of moogs and roland BUT remeber this is a korg. a sound entirely its own. not as wet as a Roland, and not as bright as a Moog...and that arpeggiator is phenomenol. and the chord hold function that plays a chord monophonicaly is super. this lil' bapper is packed with should complete anyone's monophonic collection it does run hot, but that is nice to know that it is really working hard for you, the knobs on mine are a little looser than I like 'em to be anyway it's cheap to! so why not buy one, cheap is always the way to go with synths, I means after all, no one really needs to spend money on something that makes silly noises, you should just bang on a locker, or kick an animal, or yell into a box, maybe burn someone, or rip some fabric, sound should always be free, but synth are just "confirmed sound" if you say, that you have a prophet 600, a moog prodigy, and an MC-202... you are just confirming to your self and others that you can make noise, but anyone can make noise, I mean slap your inner thigh, or throw a rock at some cans...that is all free, but if free noise isn't enough, and you need to confirm yourself and others that you truly are a "noisemaker" then buy vintage synths, and buy 'em cheap. that is the way of the munke

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:43
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