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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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giotto a professional user from Atlanta writes:
Man, I hate reading these posts. You all seem to be having soooo much fun on your prophecys and me...well I just could never for the life of me get into mine. Don't get me wrong, there were a few times when I really zoned out in my headphones and took a little trip with the thing but, I just never felt captivated by it. I LOVE the real time control. Ribbons, rollers, and twistys. I HATED the actual knobs that came with know the ones under the display. Fairly short and almost totally smooth. If your fingers sweat the least little bit it becomes very hard to keep a relaxed grip. I actually replaced mine with one from a knobs bin at a friends shop. The other brick wall I ran into was the menu driven programming. I couldn't stand it. It just bugged me, slowed me down like I was walking through quicksand. I was able to get some very cool sounds out of it, but unfortuanely one of this synth's main powers is true emmulation of horns and reed instruments and such. I just had no taste for them whatsoever. Although the moogy basses and leads I got out of it kicked ass. In the end though, they just weren't enough to keep me from selling it. I got mine in a Guitar Center parking lot for $225 from a guy about to go on tour, so I jumped. In the end I was able to sell it to someone who was a real fan of it. I'm happy about that. But it does bum me that such a seemingly cool synth didn't do it for me compared to the _endless_ hours of tweak-a-delic heaven I get out of an SE-1, a jp8000, or a pulse. much respect.


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-25-2001 at 23:55
dObIn a professional user from UK writes:
Hmm. The Prophecy. This thing is cable of anything, seriously. The only drawback is that it is mono, but if you've got a half-decent sampler, then thats your problem solved. And you can still buy these beauties quite cheap. Only thing is that they are absolute bastards to program! The prophecy was my first synth, and having at the time a limited knowledge of synthesis, I was completely dumbfounded by the huge number of adjustable parameters available on the prophecy. My only warning is buy something simpler first! It is not the easiest machine to work with! If you are like me and bass guitar is your first instrument, this will be apparent, and for gods sake don't let a drummer touch it! WARNING:KORG PROPHECY IS NOT A TOY.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-21-2000 at 11:26
Gerry a professional user from U.S.A. writes:
Check this out: it has extensive Prophecy information and information about the KORG Z1 too... Cool website, this is...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-21-2000 at 10:28
b3tech a part-time user from US writes:
kevin, fatter than a minimoog? do you have dyslexic hearing or something? I've played both and would take the proph any day of the week over the mini. to me it's just a more playable synth, but in no way shape or form is fatter. it's also not worth the $750 I've seen them priced at. $500 tops if it's mint.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-24-2000 at 22:42
Gerj@n a part-time user from Netherlands writes:
I love my prophecy, I got it from a music store where it stood for almost 4 years. The dudes did not know how to sel a monophonic syth to their customers. I got my Prophy brand new in a box and upgrade the software to 2.0. Boy this synth kicks ass, I'm thinkin' about buying a MS2000 too cuz it has the same engine too! I think that Korg knows how to get the old "analogue# feel back tho their synths are not analogue at all like the Alesis Andromeda (my gosh what an ugly thing!) I'm still wondering how Korg has got the sound so phat, it's better than a Roland JP8000 I think. But taste is personal ;-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-24-2000 at 17:53
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