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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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DjAero a professional user from Usa writes:
The Prophecy is the Chronic if you like making Bass then go get one! Does anyone know who to get those Cards from the U.K. here in the U.S.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-13-1998 at 12:14
Grover Groover a professional user writes:
Love it Like my MiniMoog maybe not the most 'practical' (but then get some cheezy i3 if thats what you want or maybe a GM board...) pieces of gear. But, for making unbeleivanle tweaky trippy sounds this is the bomb! Future classic now! So easy to get ridiculous patches that making new sounds is like eating dessert. : )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-12-1998 at 12:34
Guillaume a hobbyist user from the beautiful states writes:
Hey, I usually am kind of shy and stuff, so I never write to places like this, but I HAD to comment on my new Prophecy. In 4 words: "it kicks my ass!" It sounds really, really great and seems infinetely editable. I traded my Juno 106 for it without ever hearing it - just for the way it looks (which is awesome - very futuristically stylish with those dope button-lights, like a larger 303 but much more streamlined). I mean, honestly, even if it sounded crappy I would still like it because it's the most beautiful synth of them all.

But then - I get home, plug it in, right next to my now very square-looking JP8000,and I start going through the presets. Right away, I get to that "I feel love" Donna summer patch, and I start freaking out, singing the song and everything (I'm serious!). That is so cool! The sounds in this synth are really high-quality and not cheesy sounding at -all (unlike some of the JP8000's sounds). My first impressions is that it sounds better than the JP, in fact. Polyphony, shmolyphony I say. I for one don't really want it for more than leads and basses and weird noises anyway - it wasn't designed for pads and such - isn't that bloody obvious, just by looking at it - "prophecy, SOLO SYNTHESIZER" it says right on the front. The 303-growler patch blows any 303-style patch on the JP easily away. It is much grittier and more squaky than anything the 8000 can do. Although it may sound like I'm knocking the JP, I really like it too, it's just that right now I'm very excited about my Proph, and I'm glad that I got rid of that highly over-rated Juno 106. This thing is tons and tons cooler and original sounding. You just sit down, turn on the arpeggiator, grab an octave and hit "latch", get a good tempo, and start going through the patches. Then grab controller 3 with the left hand and start going nuts on it, while the right hand is tweaking the knobs on the front. If your head doesn't start frantically bobbing and banging to the instant techno, you should consider getting an acoustic guitar or a flute instead. Forget all the retro-analogue for a while at least. That stuff is so incredibly hyped right now. It has it's merit, no doubt those older synths sound very phat and warm, but in my opinion there are such great new synths coming out right now - this being one of them And now they don't make them anymore (so they are already classic!). I'm with everyone else on this board, you should get one if you have the opportunity!If you're in any way into trance music, or electroni8c dance in general, you wil bug out when you start to explore it's sounds. I though it was maybe all hype, but it's not!

I might have to bring it with me to bed tonight. Sorry for the babbling.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-01-1998 at 23:15
Bob a professional user from Malaysia writes:
I work for a major disco in Malaysia and 4 out of 5 of our biggest acts ask to have this machine handy. I bought one for myself and think it is FAT!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
GX 9 a professional user from Finland writes:
Intense enrgy. The sound that this little synh makes will blow the house down!

Incredibly fat and round sound!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
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