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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Oliver Sebastian a professional user from California writes:
Trinity is my main board and I have 70%praise for the unit. What's boggling is that on some patches the oscillators turn inward, meaning the sound starts to invert(that's a negative). Also the sequencer (as most Korg units m1,x3) plays tricks on you when u used 60%or more of it's capabilaty. Otherwise I created the finest piano sounds with it that could rival the beloved Bõsendorfer or the mason&hamlin's of this world. Now I added the d16 and have one hell of a tight little system. What them Korg boys haven't told me is why they did not include MTC, which syncs the Trinity to the D16. MMC works well (D16master/trinity slave) and I agree with the fellow up there, that outputs are missing. Well the next step is to get me one of those Tritons... G'day


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-18-2001 at 13:06
Timo a hobbyist user from Derbyshire, England writes:
I've had the Trinity V3 for nearly two years.

1, If you're into Trance or similar - this will be ok for background stuff, but not ideal for big Trancey leads - get a VA synth for this.

2, The screen is a pig to use when playback is in motion.

3, Sometimes I feel I need a few more insert effects.

4, There aren't enough dedicated output jacks. - It would make my life a hell of a lot easier if I could dedicate, say, Track 1, or whatever on the sequencer/combi, to Output jack 3, or similar, so I can EQ/fx particular sounds further in a mixing desk etc. More outs needed. 6-8 would be excellent!

5, As someone else said, the distortion/overdrive effect is pants - For club-music, the overdrive needs to be more gritty - Korg's Overdrive effect is just plain messy. I also think the Amp Simulator could be a lot better (think SansAmp). Also I would love it if Korg had a similar effect to Roland's 'Slicer' effect - ie. rhythmic gating set to tempo etc.

6, I would appreciate more transmit/recieve Midi filters. My MC505 hates it when it is linked to the Trinity, when I try using the Korgs ribbon-controller during live playback. I can't disable the ribbon-controllers transmission to the MC505 when I need it for Korg sounds only. My Mc505 suffers as a consequence.

7, A lot of the samples are extremely cheesy.

8, As a Trance-musician, using the Korg to do long snare-fills, kicks, bass, pads, pianos all together at 144bpm, I notice the Korg struggling to keep up with everything. The midi-timing starts to wander.

9, The Korg manuals are LOUSY! I would dearly love manuals with mini-tutorials to show you the ropes. It's all very well that this machine can do VPM, Comb filtering, cross modulation etc. (all using the Moss board), but as a beginner, it means absolutely nothing to me as I don't understand the fundamentals, and is as good as useless.

10, In light of the previous point, I would dearly love a MOSS tutorial!!!!!!

Apart from that, the Trinity is quite good.

1, Touchscreen menus etc, are well-laid out.

2, The PCM sounds, sound very professional. Pity they verge on 'cheesy'.

3, Most of the effects are of outstanding quality - both funtionality and userbility. The tempo-delay, and reverbs are especial value to me.

4, The MOSS is indeed excellent - that is, if you understand what to do - (again)...MOSS tutorial needed!!!!!

5, Nice realtime controls - excellent use of many, many modulation sources, both hardware (XY joystick, XZ ribbon etc.), and software (midi, LFO's, Eg's etc.)

6, Very solid build.

7, Many other excellent features..... You have to try it out at least.

It depends on your musical taste. I would suggest it's very competent for film-production, pop, soft-rock, easy-listening, and many others.

I would say it's not so good as a dedicated dance-music sound source - Like Trance, House, etc., but it could be good, for backing material for these genres - pianos, backing pads, strings, etc.

The Moss (Tutorial needed!!!!!! - sorry, but it's VERY necessary, Korg) is well-worth getting, and doubles the value of an already outstanding synth.


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-03-2001 at 17:33
If you want to here what the trinity can really do go to my website and get a taste haha!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-05-2001 at 18:34
fingers a part-time user from CANADA writes:
if you'd like to check the trinity in a band setting, please check out

we are a relatively new funk band, and there are 9 bootlegs from a show we did. if you like it, please forward it to your friends, if not...write me to tell me how it could be better!

-i also use a yamaha an1x and rhodes

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-15-2001 at 18:39
hOtfUdGe a part-time user from Sydney Australia writes:
I have the Trinity V3 & can say though it only has 32 poly & not stacked with a lot of sound banks compared to what's being released out there nowadays, it's the quality of sound that counts. This synth has made a lot of my older synths useless, being that it just sounds so much better than them. It's power to use your expressiveness is awesome, if you spend enough time on it, you can make breath taking patches & really give it your touch. The effects section & over all performance & feel of the trinity are as good as they come, so if you're looking for a professional unit you can bank on this baby. If you're into adult contemporary, pop, rock & country, the presets will suit you perfectly, most other genres need a lot of tweaking & creating, which is no probelm with it's simple interface. I could rave on forever at how great it is & having the Z1 board makes this a permanent resident in my MIDI suite. The bottom line is, if you're into serious composition or looking for an all in 1 unit, the Trinity has your name in it, it is professional from the wrapper to the 1st note played. I can only imagine that atleast of 50% of the songs on the radio nowadays had a Trinity involved in it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-03-2001 at 06:40
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