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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Rick a part-time user writes:
I got it on ebay for $450. What a joke, it's worth the price of an entire studio because that's basically what it is. I have owned emu, akai and roland samplers and well, the kurz comes from outer space, the rest were human created. Read Ray Kurzweils book age of spiritual machines and it will become clear. I am not even going to bother getting into the details of this machine because it only makes sense once you use it. the converters on this seem to be made of gold, it's the closest thing to perfection of an electronic music instrument that I have ever seen.

It really is all you need. Buy it now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-02-2005 at 17:51
Nicholas Faith a professional user from USA writes:
I have Tons of synths and vintage odds and ends, just got my mint juno60 kenton midied and it goes really well with my k2500rs =) I've heard people say things to the extent that the Korgs or rolands are better... we could have had a triton,trinity,JV(insert newest model) and not to say these machines suck and are useless cause I think that is just ignorant but having used all these machines and dug into them I like the Kurzweil VAST engine the most. My Emu samplers are Bassier but the Kurz can make sounds the other gear can't.. I have a wish list of things they won't add but that's why I keep my dx7, junos, moogs et etc.. I'd like to see a 4 or 6 pole res filter (dedicated without have to eat up my alg chains to get to) and true granular synthesis. If you like making sounds and don't mind taking alot of time learning this machine(it's not that hard to learn at all) Get a Kurzweil. if yuo can afford it get a korg and roland too... they are all good and usefull. PS. get the sampling option, the best sounds for me come from whatever I feel like throwing in it and twisting to hell and back.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-09-2003 at 01:01
tom a hobbyist user from Seattle writes:
I've had my Kurzweil K2500RS Sampler / rack mount for about 4 years. I spent a ton of money to get it, but well worth it. I think the very best feature about it is it's ability to be flexible. With the exception of not having the KDFX option, which the K2600 has by default, there is nothing to stop me from doing what ever my imagination desires. In other words, I don't worry about the hardware getting in the way of my artistic expression. This thing is timeless. Well worth the money I spent for it. In my past, I've wasted thousands of dollars on lo-fi cheap music equipment that grows tired and lifeless after a few months. My advice to anyone serious about music production, spend the money up front for a kurzweil product, and you'll save a ton of mony in the long run.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-22-2001 at 04:29
Eric vanLuijk a professional user from USA writes:
The K2500 still holds a central place in my studio. It is a real workhorse and has been very reliable ever since. I owned the K2000RS, K2500RS and now the K2500S. It has character but I don't use it as a sampler that much. But VAST processing is so advanced and gives it a HUGE advantage over my Emu samplers and other gear surrounding me. I would even sell my Fairlight before I sell my Kurzie. There are no other synthesizers on the market that can compete with the K2x00 series. For crying out loud: the Kurzweil is MORE than just a ROM player than the Triton/Roland crap. Using VAST you can do anything you want. I rest my case...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-08-2001 at 16:09
JVAMP a professional user from Netherlands writes:
q-dubbs? 1 out of 5???

This machine cost around 2000$ (it used to be almost 5000$). It haves everything I want. (Loaded with many good sounds, sampler, SCSI, Disks and cheap expensions) So I save a lot more for Analog synths like the Nordlead 3 and not the bullsh*t as the Triton/Trinity and XP/JV for example. And a man with a real studio doesn't buy a Triton...That's for commercial live dudes like Busta Rhymes for example!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-07-2001 at 11:36
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