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Average rating: 3.4 out of 5
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Terry Walker a professional user from Pittsburgh Pa. USA writes:
The pc88mx is truly one of the best sounding digital piano ive ever owned.

I found it to be fairly easy to understand, and to program. I have not as yet experienced any problems with the keyboard action (perhaps my touch is not

super heavy) but still I have banged it pretty hard at times. I will be very

upset if the keys break and the guys where I bought it know that if you sell

me some crap I will... be bringing it back. I spend to much money there to

endure stupid problems like keys breaking in the middle of a gig.

Also I wish the unit was not so heavy, and for the money it cost kurzweil

could have made the sounds editable, and included the music rack free for

crying out loud....&quot;come on Kurzweil&quot;. I would advise anyone who may be considering the purchase of a pc88mx, make sure you don't pay more than the price of a pc88 without the mx.


1: This is a wonderful instrument, probably the best on the market in its class especially if the sound of a serious piano is important to you.

2: This is the controller you've always wanted, easy to understand, etc.

3: The mx has a nice array of very professional, and useful sounds, even though I repeat &quot;don't let anybody charge you more for them than the cost of a standart pc88. The fact that the pc88 doesnt have the upgrade ($500.00) is tuff let the dealer and the manufacturer work it out believe me they can.

4: I heard some very nice roland piano sounds but not all are good. But you can pretty much bet the farm that kurzweil sounds are gonna be the best..

5: Are you still here, whats wrong with you go buy a kurzweil pc88mx

-Terry Walker

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
Eugene Burda a professional user from Canada writes:
Nice sounds, excellent controller possibilities... but the keyboard is indeed a piece of crap. Cheap Fatar action is falling apart; key weights are falling off left right and centre

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
Colin Scott a part time user from USA writes:
Good controller with the exception of the 88 weighted keys.

A little Rachmaninoff an they fall to shit.

Little did I know I'd be replacing the entire key bed after only a year and a half.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
Danny Joe Sample a professional user from USA writes:
Sounds fine. The fatar action is falling apart (the plastic that holds the weights cracks). The power supply should be in the keyboard (not a wall wart).

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
Tim Wick a professional user from US writes:
I played a PC-88mx for about 13 months and had the keyboard action repaired 4 times. On the 5th failure, Kurzweil replaced the entire keyboard assembly. Luckily, my warranty was still good. After, the new keyboard was put in, I sold it for $1000. Bought a A-90ex to replace it, because the PA-4 Roland action seemed more mechanical stable. One night at a job, a young keyboard player introduced himself to me and said he had a PC-88mx for sale. I remark, "How many keys are broken on yours".... He responded, "Wow, How did you know!"

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:44
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