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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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David Etheridge a professional user from U.K. writes:
Since my last post I've now increased my collection of 1000 modules to eight. They include: Pro1, PX plus, PXA, SX, SXA, HX, AX plus and GX. I love them dearly and every time I think they may be getting a bit past it I get to try out newer stuff. Then I realise that nearly 20 years on, the 1000 range still has much to offer. By the way, despite what you may have been told, the LCD display IS easily repairable; any decent synth servicing centre should be able to do it. Chips can be copied if you know anyone with a fully upgraded model. Unfortunately, neither Kurzweil or Sweetwater sound have any support and/or spares, but there is the K1000/1200 users group to contact for support and help. See the Kurzweil links on this site.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-12-2003 at 04:51
Dave Nelson a hobbyist user from US writes:
Got this free as a hand-me-down. It didn't work at the time, but as soon as I got it functioning... I don't know how I ever got by without it. The bells, strings, piano, and voices are great. There are some really unique and creepy patches on here (Klaus, Ligeti), that if used right in a song are heaven. Also, the module wasn't too popluar so it'll leave people wondering where 'that sound' came from. Anyway, it was the best hand me down I ever got- get one (or two, or 12) if you have room for such a gigantic and cumbersome unit.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-22-2002 at 23:53
Rick Hils a professional user from Los Angeles, California writes:
For what the 1000PX is it gets a 5 rating. One of the string samples has that initial "welling up" of sound as the bows get those strings in motion, and it is more easily heard on the lower notes. (Keep your 1000PX) Those were some great sessions and that was great sample engineering. The piano I especially like for it's SOLID low A fundamental tone and it's crystal clear bell tones in the highest range.(Keep your 1000PX). Lastly... the vibraphone has a character to it that you will not be getting out of any other product, new or old. My Xp-80, which I like a lot, has vibes that pale in comparison.(Keep your 1000PX) I'll be looking to pick up an additional one soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-23-2001 at 02:00
Doctor Frankensteinway a professional user from Canada (approx) writes:
Bought two of the 1000PX's new about 1988 or so. Along with the Kurzweil Midi-board I was in heaven.

The 1000PX sounds still do stand up, and if you find one for cheap, buy it. You can always upgrade the software via the ROM(RAM?) chips from Sweetwater. The sounds never go out of style because they are good, solid sounds for any purpose.

There is a *~ton~* of good synthesizer sounds to be squeezed out of them, if you take the time to delve deep.

The only weakness can be the power supply, which were easily replaced. Cheers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-03-2001 at 15:21
MC a professional user from USA writes:
I also have all four 1000 series boxes and IMO they are the best tools if you want to do MIDI orchestration. The sounds are TOP NOTCH! I started with the 1000PX in 1989 and found it easy to run out of polyphony, so I picked up one of each over time. All of my boxes have the latest OS and all the available soundblocks, and I never run out of polyphony. 84 note polyphony between the four boxes is PLENTY.

The drums in the 1000PX are good but my Alesis DM5 has far more flexibility, and I'm a drummer. The raw samples in the 1000PX are still the greatest: awesome pianos, strings, horns, vibes, upright bass, and if you have the A and or B soundblocks you get excellent Fender Rhodes pianos (I used to own a Rhodes - I know), electric basses, percussion, harp, baritone horn, saxes, flutes, all excellent. Kurzweil had a really fine sample library. I don't miss onboard filtering at all, although it'd be nice for brass. Keep the onboard effects to a minimum - you lose polyphony, it's not DSP effects. Use an outboard multiFX instead.

There is a difference between the PX and the others: the PX uses samples at 50Khz for 24 note polyphony, while the others use 60Khz samples but only 20 note polyphony. That's why the strings and brass sound different between them.

The new Kurzweil PCx do not have the same sounds - I noticed the difference right away, they're worse. But the 1000 sound library (actually the K250 library) *IS* in the higher end keyboards like the K2x00. You get what you pay for.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-17-2001 at 12:45
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