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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Jussi Väisänen a part-timer user from Finland writes:
Give monkey a K2000 and it will make a dance hit within a year. This synth rocks! I don´t know a more complete solution for producing music. And variable architecure means it can be programmed beyond imagination. Only thing it lacks is more effects (though I guess I could route some parts through my S2000:s effects processor). Analogue filters, lots of them, you can even play pong on its lcd display when you get bored (which is not so very often). Operating system is intuitive, samples can be edited graphically in the display, external midi controlles can be used to manipulate many aspects of sound, and if you are interested in DSP you'll be interested in this keyboard..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-02-1999 at 08:09
Michel Kasday a part-timer user from USA writes:
Well I had to leave my comment after reading what was left prevoiusly. First a little background, I was a pro-user for years. worked Las Vegas, with several bands, then worked in Reno, did some work on the road, and have done a lot of session work for different artists, some local some not. One thing they all say, is they love my sounds, and they would love to samlpe them. I don't allow this though, because I was the one who spent the hundreds of man-hours working on them. And I feel that my sound is my sound.

About the K2000RS: Why I chose the K2x series of instruments is that virtually any sound that could be imagined could be created with this instrument. Granted, if you are into INSTANT-GRATIFICATION, buy a Korg, or something like that. But myself I like to have a couple "options" when crearing sounds. And I don't like to have limitations. Polyphony can be overcome by resampling and as far as the construction goes, I have put this unit though 3 an a half years of 5 night's a week, bouncing, droping, hadled by roadies, in your face real life ROAD! I works every time. I have had other gear, I've even worked at a music store and repaired synths, this unit is SOLID! Yeah it's a little unfriendly, but I like that about it. It was built and designed, to offer limitless potential in sound design, and laugh in the face of what other synth manufaturers called a "professional machine". Besides, when did the K2000 come out? 1992! How many synths manufacturers do you know about that still use the same architecture today that they did almost 7 years ago?!!! Yeah. There are other synths that can sample now, and are just now catching-up to the K2000 by offering SOME of the same features, but look carefully. Check the editing capabilities, and go beyond simple numbers and look at the ones in small print. For example, -24db Resonant Filter, Notch Filer, Band Pass Filter, Wave Shaping Filters, how about control sources? I won't even go there! Sequncing 768ppq, thats higher than some computer squencers! OSC-sync, real PCH occillators for producing REAL analog synth sounds. I could go on but I better stop. The K2000 stands by itself, the K2500 series build on the very same architecture and adds more potential to what I originally thout was endless! The only thing that I fear is that Kurwiel quits making them because they are to ahead of thier time, and require a lot of knowledge, that it becomes UN-marketable. Please, power the thing on and take some time to see the real potential of this unit before making up your mind if its for you, because there is life beyond PRESET sounds! This unit is an investment, I am always amazed what this unit can do. Thanks for your attention.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-24-1998 at 13:44
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