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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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B Kiefer a part-time user from Asheville, NC writes:
Excellent sound quality (especially on the Piano, strings, and pads). Kurzweil also did a great job on the KB3 modeling section. For the money this is an excellent buy and I would recommend it to anyone who is shopping for a decent sounding piano/organ replicating synth, but I don't recommend it to those wishing to get excellent synth sound.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-15-2003 at 00:37
Don a professional user from USA writes:
Nice sounds. I paid $2000. for the fully weighted 88 key version with 3.1 software and the Orchestral rom. The keyboard action is slower than the original PC88mx. I think the aftertouch is better. The sounds are nice but don't lend themselves to easy editing. The piano sounds are great and the string and pads are good. The Orchestral rom sounds are very good. The lead synth sounds are good but somewhat limited. The organ sounds other than the KB3 B3 sounds suck. This instrument really needs some good rock organ sounds. My Alesis Qs7 has a better collection of organs. The KB3 mode gives you a pretty good Hammond B3 with drawbars and leslie speakers. Here they did a good job. Since the organ tone wheel emulation requires so much processing the mode is very different from the other banks. The KB3 mode is nice B3 emulation but behaves stangely in setup use. You can make it work, but it requires a little bit different programming. The effects processor is good in terms of numbers of effects but they are all global with respect to a setup. It would be nice to be able to process each zone with a different effect similar to the way a Korg Karma works. It lacks any external storage which is anoying since modified programs get stored in the same bank with your general midi voices. This forces you to overwrite a general midi patch. As a midi controller it shines well. Get yourself a few good rack modules and you are good to go. One warning is the way it displays program panel numbers. When using a synth with a differing program number scheme you are givin choices as to how that zone will display the program. As an example Roland uses 11 through 88. The bad thing is that it does not give you a different number scheme in each zone. If you make it Roland in one zone, it will be Roland in each zone. Overall I like this instrument although I think it is pricey for the amount of sounds you get. I think it is probably the best midi controller I have played. It is not a workstation. It seems hard to find the perfect keyboard. If they added external storage slots it would be much better. Another minus is the power supply. A standard 110 volt computer cord would be better. If you need a good master midi controller with good general sound than this is a good keyboard to have. If you are in the studio all the time then go with a Triton or Motif. I guess it is a comprimise since the K2600 with full capabilities is quite expensive.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-04-2003 at 00:09
Sparky Bellaire a professional user from USA writes:
Power supply, power supply, power supply. If you are using in a studio, it's great. If you are playing out don't get. At a recent gig, someone tripped over the power cord and I had to replace the power board in the unit as well as buying a new power supply. Bottom line, a regular power connector. This is the one thing that really drags this unit down (for live performance that is).

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-24-2002 at 12:10
Wayne a professional user from USA writes:
The piano touch and sound is the biggest selling point for me primarily as a piano=player. I tried out a Korg SP-500 for comparison. Much more spongy on the action, and if you can believe it the lower octave on the keyboard was out of tune with the rest of the board!!I could'nt believe it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-26-2002 at 15:54
kfrye a part-time user from Newton, NC USA writes:
I have always repected Kurzweil's products and the Kurzweil name. Even though Kurzweil, now under the control of the Young Chang label, still seems to be able to manufacture quality keyboards at fairly competitive prices. So I have learned that names really don't mean much anymore. It's all about what the musician's needs and tastes are and I believe the PC2X would fit the majority of any musician's needs.

Having played piano for 25 years, primarily acoustic, when I began looking for a good quality, portable electric system, I naturally desired a unit which would reproduce the spectrum of piano sound accurately and solidly. The PC2X fits this criteria. I was especially impressed with the Grand Piano settings. Even though I feel the Yamaha P80 has just a tiny bit better grand piano reproduction, the KB3 mode on the Kurzweil sold me, particularly given my current need for some sort of tone wheel organ sound for a praise band I work with.

I've owned my PC2X since May 2001 and have had no real problems with the unit. I agree with a previous person, David M, who spoke of the care a heavy handed player, like myself, needs to use with the key action. Like other Kurzweil boards, the PC2X key action sounds a bit mechanical and does get annoying at low volume settings, but with live performances, where things tend to be louder, this is not too big of a deal. And I use headphones when I practice alone, so I don't hear the key action. The "clicking" David spoke of regarding possible felt damage has happened to me only once. I was ready to take the unit in for service, when after about a month of putting up with the clicking on one note, it mysteriously went away. I have attempted to adjust my "slamming" down on the keys and have not had any more problems. (If I want to relieve stress, I go out and hit golfballs).

The only other quirk with my PC2X is the rotary selection dial in the Data Entry Section of the front panel. It tends to jump around and skip settings when turning. I've learned to just use the plus/minus buttons. (I'd rather push buttons anyway).

Usually the first question asked regarding any product is "would you buy it again". I would answer with an unequivocal yes and would highly recommend the PC2X to my closest friend.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-29-2002 at 18:14
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