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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Rob Reng a part-time user from London, UK writes:
Had the old M1 for about 6 years. It has done me proud both as a stage instrument in acid jazz groups, and in the studio for more dance oriented stuff. For years i complained about the M1 not being able to produce any decent FAT analog style sweeps and bass.. i was foolish!

This machine can do pretty much anything you want it to if you take the time to program your own sounds. My only complaints are the lack of variable resonance on the filters and the fact that you can only apply two effects to your entire MIDI output.. but you can pick one up for 300 quid (thats 450 bucks!!) so who's compaining!

.. theres also a sysex file floating around the internet called "lune.syx" which has some really nice patches..

You can download this patch file and many others (as well as the patch dumping tool and librarian) from

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-29-2000 at 06:40
Wilton Helm a hobbyist user from Colorado, USA writes:
For those wanting to replace the battery themselves (and take all liability, etc.) Remove all screws on the bottom cover and remove it. Locate the large circuit board closest to the bottom cover in the middle, with its back side looking at you. Remove all screws. There are two going through holes in the board through black plastic (the memory card socket). They need to be romoved also. Carefully lift and rotate the board (no need to remove wires). The battery is a watch type CR-2032 located in the middle of the board in a snap out holder. Push it sideways and it will tilt and come out.

Reverse the above to put it back together. You will need to load the internal patches afterwards. Be sure to save any you cherish to a RAM card or MIDI sysex.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-06-2000 at 23:14
Mansour Ismail a professional user from Atlanta writes:
I have had my M1 For about 9 years, I play Arabic music & own a lots of other keyboards such as Roland JV1000, Roland E500 oriental series, yamaha oriental series but none of them or any other key board except T3 can touch M1 as far as arabic music & the sounds needed to perform it. Sax, Acoustics, Piano, Brass, Accordions. (My only disappintment w/ M1 is its Strings are not so impressing. I heared that you can upgrade them.

if any body knows how to upgrade the strings or if you can copy sounds from T3 somehow & play them on M1 please send me e.mail I will really apreciate it.

posted Monday-Dec-27-1999 at 22:13
Larry Lewis a professional user from Oregon USA writes:
I got my M1 8-9 years ago. At the time had an Amiga computer w/Dr.T's editor/librarian. Both rather primitive tools. I've been composing these years now on a pretty good MAC. Get yourself a good ed/lib & modify the factory sounds. Lots of fun. Also, possible to "illegally" access sounds by slipping text data where it's not supposed to be. Then envelopes appear on ed/lib jagging randomly all over the place with unexpected results., some of which are very useable. I currently havge a program RAM card in the top slot & thus total 200 (largely modified) programs plus a drumcard with good ethnic drumsounds. More than that actually - lots & lots in ed/lib storage.

I love composing with M1. Combining synth with horns, voice & looping digitized sound - this presented with lightshows. Now I am thinking to get other modules for variety of sound. Each m'facturer has a signature.

QUESTION: I am looking for an editor/librarian for MAC. Anybody out there got ideas or maybe send disk or ZIP through mail? If so, in return I can download all my programs into that ed/lib as exchange. Get in touch

posted Sunday-Dec-26-1999 at 22:43
nuanda a hobbyist user from Alaska writes:
I gigged in the "Golf" with an M1ex. That was one tough board. Often, we would be set up on the back of the ship (USS Truxtun) with the salt sea air, thick with sand and dust. I remember one time the board got so hot, siting out in the sun, that I couldn't even put my hand on it. At that time a lot of people were still using DX7s and such which could not touch the M1!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-18-1999 at 04:06
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