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Mike Walsh a part-time user from Switzerland writes:
It's February 2001 and I stumble across a tiny article in UK's "Sound on Sound" about a certain Scottish analogue synth builder, the legendary Ken Macbeth. The article's talking about not a two oscillator, analogue mono-synth, but THREE! Ooohh, my word, I read further, "multiple routing options", "cross- modulation", "moog-like design". This is just to good to be true, I enquire further which can only have one outcome, and this results in the delivery of my very own M3X!!

So, what do I make of it after some 6 months of tweaking and living in analogue heaven? Well, I'm no Howard Hughes but I've just ordered a second one...............! Yes, it's that Good with a capital "G"!

Imagine a routable, velocity sensitive Minimoog, that has totally solid build quality, rock- solid stabile tuning for considerably less than a 25+ year old Vintage........Are you tempted?

Please, to those people being tempted by a Virtual Modelling DSP wanna-be analogue with "all Singing, all-Dancing, I can also-sound-like-an-FM/DX7" synth facilities, I have one piece of advice to give to you...............don't bother!! The M3X is the REAL thing, REAL analogue, with REAL filters, and can sound as "in yer face", or as subtle as you want, all sounds being instantly set up by beautifully laid out knobs on the control panel of this babe. Take a look at the Macbeth official site for some glorious pictures! (If you can't pull a chick whilst you're on stage with one of these, then you have to be one seriously ugly dude!). So, don't sit on the fence, order one now and you'll realise the true meaning of the word "phatt", and what all the fuss is about with analogue synths........This is it, the ultimate analogue mono-synth, and it's bloody well affordable compared to what else is out there analogue-wise!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-02-2002 at 03:13
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