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Sam Liston a part time user from USA writes:
I'd just like to make a few clarifications to the previous review. It wasn't exactly made clear that this IS a midi controlled softsynth that can be triggered either via realtime input or from your favorite MIDI sequencer. It also has an internal 16 step sequencer with multiple patern memory, transpose functions, etc. Also on the effects note... I realize that resonant filters and waveshape modulation synced to an LFO might not count for some people, but surely the ring modulator does. you can also capture all live tweaking to .wav if you don't have a full duplex card. This is without a doubt the biggest bang for the buck softsynth on the market today.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:45
Steve Nikolic a part-timer user from canada writes:
This is a VERY good v-analog software based is just as good (if not better) than rebirth...though this is an unfair comparison since rebirth emulates only the 303...where'as VAZ emulates more of the Classic Moogs and ARPs (but can do a pseudo 303 ..if you really want). the 2 ocillators are surprisingly thick and the filters are excellent. the mod control's are fairly dynamic...the two standard ADSR envelopes are very responsive when used to modulate the cutoff (and resonance or amp etc..). I find that this synth works best for basslines...with a few DSP effects added after you write to wav (will full tweakability in real time!) nobody could ever tell you didn't use a real moog for that FAT bassline The added touch of using your own choice of a looping waveform for the second ocillator is a really good idea too...if you have soundforge you can use it's built in FM synthesis tool to create some really wierd waveforms that you can loop and shape any way you please (adding a phaser or chorus can really bring out some interesting harmonics to a short looping waveform...try it) and then you can use that waveform YOU made as the 2nd ocillator (which can mix with the 1st ocillator to your discretion btw) and of course you can fine tune it as well and put it through all of the filters and envelopes and lfo's like usual to generate your sound. Saving patches and sequences is really convenient as well as they save seperately..(there's a different window for the sequencer and it's controls) so you can nicely catalogue your patches and sequences and instantly call up any patch to go with any sequence. The step control is great for editing parts but what's really usefull is that you can create your patterns from an external keyboard connected by midi...Or another midi sequence allready made. This is by far my favorite soft synth ever made in terms of emulating thick..classic, or totally new analog sounds. I definately consider it to be in the future a big component in my synth arsenal (which btw includes the Korg Z1) which means if i have a Z1 and still find VAZ extremely useful, anyone that doesn't have an analog or analog emulating synth should consider this as incredibly valuable in studio. Oh and i forgot to's a great source for sampling single notes onto a real sampler since you can trigger the notes one at a time from your computer keyboard. Not much else i need to say anymore, it's just a great, classic sounding synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-28-1998 at 23:16
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