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Mal Kenworth a professional user from Scotland writes:
The memorymoog..well, well, well..I bought mine some time back in the early nineties. I paid £750. It had 'just had' a midi retro fit and the owner said that it had come back with a slight fault, but that the company who had done the work would put it right. 'Just had' was about 18 months and they didn't want to know. I looked around for someone to mend it. First, it went to a company who moved the day after I sent it to them. They kept it a year and I had to threaten them with court before they would send it back. Most companies wouldn't touch it. A friend of mine, who is an engineer kept it for a year. He spent a fortune on chips, which he charged to his company. He got it going and gave me it back. 'Going' meant that it made a noise. Everything was out of tune and some functions wouldn't work. I kept it like this for a couple of years before part of the case caught fire. I then sent it to a repair firm who kept it for 2 to 3 years. The repair guy said that it was a labour of love and worked on it in his spare time. I drove twice to Birmingham which is hundreds of miles from where I live to get it back. The first time, I got there to find out that it stopped working that morning! It cost me about £750 in spares, most of which I had to locate in the dark recesses of the net, and labout costs. I eventually got it back seemingly all working. He said that the pots were rough and malfunctioning, so I paid about £15 each for replacements...about6, At last it was all working. The repair guy told me that he knew someone who wanted one. I said £1900. We did the deal. I suppose that I lost a bit with postage and travelling. I was so glad to get shot of the thing that I went out to dinner to celebrate. I currently now someone who is in the same situation as I was in. You can make your own mind up about this synth.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-12-2003 at 14:24
Oliver a hobbyist user from paris writes:
yeah! i finally got it, my personal Lintronics MM! brand new from EMC. i had to sell one beloved collectors synth to buy this machine and i really do not regret it! this instrument has a really particular sound. very thick and meaty. and very agreable to the ears. but it is able to produce a stunning array of sounds from beautiful digital but soft sounding analog bells to really bad analog basses. it has got a quite rocky base sound which cuts very well through and doesn't sound bleepy for a penny. virtual analog lovers listen to this and you will understand... filter sounds great and the unique presence of three OSCs with sync and FM on a wide choice of targets allows for a very wide range of sounds. this has got nothing to do with the normal two OSC per voice architecture of "normal" analogs. if you can grab one, buy it as the prices will most certainly NEVER fall...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-19-2002 at 08:48
Marc a hobbyist user writes:
Wow! This Memorymoog+ is simply PHAT! I haven't had it long enough to comment on how reliable it is, so we'll see. But the machine is so much fun to program with (much more so than say my Alesis Andromeda). It does tend to drift out of tune, but stabilizes pretty well once its been on for a while. Overall its totally wort it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-26-2002 at 12:22
Keith a part-time user from England writes:
My memories of the MM are varied. I worked as one of two keyboard players in a jazz funk set during the early to mid 80s. The MM offered just the right sound for what we were trying to do and we coughed up about £2700 for one. I used a polymoog and a prophet 5 and my fellow keyboardist used the MM. It sounded great and looked fantastic. Unfortunately, its unreliability was frightening and compremised our set on a number of occasions. Our main problems were with the power supply, something which eventually killed the polymoog, and with the tuning of just about everything. The repair costs were horrible. I think that this synth firmly belongs in a studio and needs to be owned by wealthy and forgiving people. Unfortunately, we were neither and the synth became quite resented, as did the P5 for just the same reason. I think that this is a speacialist keyboard and should be avoided by people without the resources to maintain it correctly. The CS80 falls into the same bracket. I remember talking to the tech. repairing it, saying that if it couldn't work consistantly then what was the point of it at all? He said that most synth gear was based on cutting edge electronics and that we basically had to live with it. I knew a few Rhodes Chroma uses who had the same talk at the time! A great keyboard that should be owned and used by people who can write repairs off to tax. If you are not one of these people, I would suggest that you avoid it. I recently bought a SCI Prophet VS. It sounds just as good and is just as much fun. I think that it is a much safer bet..although, what's that funny buzzing noise?

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-02-2002 at 13:24
Richard Hilleman a hobbyist user from sanfran writes:
I paided too much, and I don't care.

This isn't the best synth evermade, but it might be the most powerful sound ever produced by and analog synth. It is pure horsepower. There is nothing subtle about this synth. It wants to hit you over the head. It will take a standard string patch and turns it into Psycho. Stack the VCO's up and you can pulverize concrete.

They have just a terrible reputation, but in the year I have owned mine, Zero problems. I have a very late Plus with all of the service mods. I don't expect too much out of the midi. I don't expect it to be too expresive anyway, with a single LFO and no velocity or aftertouch. But for the synth equivelent of PowerChords, this might be the Hammer of the Gods.

When I brought it home, I demonstrated the difference between this keyboard and the too many other ones I have to my wife by vibrating a ride cymbal right off of its stand with a single 18 OSC low E. It is also makes a fine laxative............

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-24-2001 at 19:01
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