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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Hexfix93 a professional user from Colorado, USA writes:
Well, it can sound like a minimoog +, well sort of. It can sound liek a 2 osc mini with no detune! But, w=once it warms up, about 10 minutes after its turned on, its rock solid as far as staying in tune. But, this thing can do those crazy space sound fx.. how?

well, turn the osc off, put filter on tone, modulate the waveshape, now play withteh cut off, waveshape, oh yeah put he freq to wide and play with that too. FAR OUT!

Fast envs, gotta be 1ms attack, and it chugs along at fast bpm. it can sound soft, aggro, acidic (in the moog way), and in your face, killer leads, killer bass! I am glad i got this instead of a mini moog?

i am leaving something out. I had mine modified. this mod.

This make this thing a bass king, it makes teh osc sound huge! read about it, it costs next to nothing to do this mode, and its simple. and turns this into a screamer!

Also moog this moog scales at 0.98 volts per octave, makes scaling with a kenton a bit tricky, passable but not perfect. So you can build a cable/box thing to fix it.. the link is here..

All this and you are set to have one of the most killer bass synths ever!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-30-2002 at 00:43
Marc Doty a professional user from Mpls/St. Paul writes:
Listen to all of you people! It's not polyphonic, it only (only???) has one oscillator, etc. etc. Half of your complaints are resulting from need of repair, the other half are the result of you wanting this keyboard to be something modern (or, just expecting it to be a Minimoog) It's an original Moog synth! The stuff you're complaining about is the stuff that should be your reason for BUYING a Micromoog! Maybe you'd be happier with a nice programmable polyphonic MIDI ROMPLER!! Anyway. Dear People who are considering a Micromoog: Buy the keyboard... it's fantastic. The range of sounds it creates is vast. I work with mine daily, and I still discover unexpected treats. Better yet, buy TWO, connect the triggers, etc. You've got yourself a Multimoog, but BETTER. This is the most underrated Moog... if you ask me, it makes a Rogue or Prodigy look pretty boring.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-31-2002 at 20:20
Shaggimitus from Denver CO,USA writes:
I got my micromoog when my bass player's apartment manager was leaving the building.He was clearing out his storage space and gave him a yamaha ps20 and a micromoog. He traded it to me for a shirt and a promise to use it for our band O'er The Ramparts. It has since been featured on many of our recordings, and become a popular machine for groups around denver to borrow when they record. Some of the bigger name acts in Denver who used my moog are the Fairlanes And the Gamits , both on Suburban Home records. Pop punk groups trying to get a little Cars flavor.I have played Prodigy and find the micro to be much more user friendly and expressive, but it gets thin in mixes with a lot of guitar. I would not sell my micromoog at any price.

posted Tuesday-Oct-02-2001 at 02:42
matt burke a hobbyist user from sanford, fl usa writes:
I got my micromoog from my uncle who loaned it to me as a synth to learn on and after bieng spoiled like that other keyboards pale in comparison. It slips out of tune, it gets stuck on notes, but its got the phattest sound out there. Djs are always after it too. I currently use it in a stack with a roland xp 50 (opposites attract) as a bass and effects keyboard. If you know of any interesting applications to customize sound of the moog id love to hear it. Rock on!

posted Wednesday-Apr-25-2001 at 10:24
Richard Naisbett a professional user from England writes:
Bought mine from US thru an auction site...cost a small fortune to ship across...but it was definately worth it. Have owned countless moogs, an Odyssey, a Pro One and an SH101 in the dim past, and the micromoog holds its' own against them all. Two tips: 1 - to thicken the sound use a chorus pedal, 2 - overdrive the filter by feeding (I think) the hi-output into the external sound input. Blammo!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-25-2001 at 11:02
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