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MC a professional user from US of A writes:
I finally found a good clean set of these in a store. They weren't even on display!!! I saw this molded case tucked away on the side, open the case, and inside was a set of Taurus I pedals. Tried 'em out, they worked 100%, paid the man, and walked out with them. They were 1/2 the going rate on ebay. No broken keys, no dirty contacts, case is really clean (I don't think they've ever been gigged).

They're missing the plexiglass cover and bezel for the controls but Mike Bucki of still has some NOS bezels and is making the plexiglass cover, so you can still get 'em. If you're checking out a set, check each and every key because the contacts are plated silver which will tarnish over time and will cause dead notes. These can be cleaned but if you gig with 'em, the contacts are exposed underneath and vulnerable to dust and debris.

Now *THIS* is a bass synth. I have plenty of Moog synths including RAM Minimoog and the new Voyager but nothing puts out the subsonics this thing does. The Moog Source comes close but these old pedals have "the boom". Plug it into a good PA or 2x15 bass cabinet and feel your bones rattle.

It has presets named "BASS" "TUBA" and "TAURUS". "TAURUS" is the famous sound that these are known for. BOOM!! There is a variable preset where you can dial in your own sound using the control panel. There isn't much variety in the control of the sound but wow does it get good bass sounds EASILY.

You select presets with momentary pushbuttons using your feet. There are also pushbuttons for glide, decay (release actually), and octave (shift pedals up one octave). There are footcontrols for volume and filter cutoff, which help make the lamer TUBA and BASS presets more useful.

For the record, Taurus I pedals started production in 1975. Roger Luther's confirm this, I have a Moog pricelist dated 1975 with Taurus I pedals (list US$745 then), and the inspection tag inside my set have a 1975 date written on them. Production ceased in 1981 (list US$1295 then) to be replaced with the inferior sounding Taurus II pedals.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-04-2004 at 15:31
if you see one, get it!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-11-2004 at 06:01
Sylvain from Canada writes:
I bought mine in '93 and can't do a gig without.Had to fix few things but not much.Soundmen are totally in love with this instrument.I plan to have my instruction book available throught the internet. But people can ask me for electrical diagram.(useful for sound adjustments).

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-10-2004 at 13:28
Jonathan Wallace a hobbyist user from USA writes:
These things are the best piece of sound equipment I've ever owned. I HATE playing without them. They definately get the attention of the crowd. I've found that other people you play with either love them, or hate them. I've had two pair, one broke down, and was sitting around in my parents basement. I think my dad has thrown them away. Thinking about that still makes me sick. The other pair is still going strong. Every once in a while the pitch will get higher as the taurus preset decays. And the plastic pedals are fragile. The contacts do get dirty, there are two sets, normally open, and normally closed. Make sure you are cleaning both sets. The little contact pad on the pedal becomes indented after years of use. This can cause a bad (or no)connection with the top contact. You can add a little glob of solder to the bottom of the "spring", or bend it back, just a little. I do have schematics, technical manual, and the owners manual. The technichal manual is very helpful, it has troubleshooting tips, operational voltages, and tuning instructions. I could run copies off to people for a small fee... If you have a broken set, do everything in you power to get them repaired. You won't be sorry...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-06-2003 at 14:01
Sasir a professional user from Houston Texas, USA writes:
Hello fellow Taurus Freaks.

I bought my Taurus 1's in immaculate condition

for........$200.00 from a guy in Maryland who had

them covered in dust. He had them cleaned and

I used them as often as possible and they were

very reliable for the first several years.

However I didn't use them for several years, but

could never sell them.

Now it's time to get em back up to pace. I'm looking for a reputable tech in the Houston area.

It's hard enough to find a good Guitar tech who

isn't full of Shite. So if anyone could help with

those annoying pedal contacts please help!

Also, a good case, dust cover, and flat surface to

put em on helps.

For those searching for em keep looking,

I found mine you can too.

taurus 2's suck don't waste your time

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-14-2002 at 15:54
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