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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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minimoog1087 a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Yes it actually has to be tuned occasionally. Yes, modern digital synths have more features. Yes, there are many of us fans that love it. Why? Because it is perfect at what it does. Keep in mind that the digitals, virtuals, and modern versions (Voyager) all seek to come close to this classic fat sound. So is it really overhyped?

Modern standard gear like the Access Virus are just emulating Moog patches to get these sounds.(others are just recordings of moogs, read: samples) Why not go back to the source. Hardly anyone actually edits patches on digitals, just use them as glorified organs. One has to actually synthesize sounds on the mini, slower but tons more fun and creative than just scrolling through hundreds of canned patches. My guess is that most who don't like the mini, don't really know how to get the sounds they want out of it (if this is not you don't be offended, just my overall impression reading comments here).

I have owned lots gear over the years, each exciting in its own way when new. Most of what I've bought since my mini (~1979) has been sold and I'll bet that most others with Access, novation, etc will similarly sell theirs in a few years and move on to the next hot box. I'll also bet that nobody will be arguing about the greatness of those boxes in 10-30 years. I have a feeling that we will still be talking about the minimoog, I know I will.

The voyager sounds a little brighter and thinner to me in side by side comparison, but love the new features on it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-12-2004 at 14:47
billy from nunya writes:
i just bought one.(i played one around a year ago) i think their great.i like them beacause i cant play keys for shit so monophonic is good for me. also,even if you just know the basics, you can get some awesome sounds out of far as sound quality goes. soft,and hardware synths sound great. its just what you prefer. it doesnt mean all others sux, just beacause you dont like a particular synth or understand it. i was reading these reviews to possibly learn some stuff about it that i didnt already know, but im not reading anymore after i finish this review,their giving me a headache. 4 beacause nothing is perfect

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-10-2004 at 23:40
Seano a part-time user from Portland writes:
Turn it on. Dial up a few frequencies, and run 'em through the filter. Touch it's knobs with your actual hands, and explore the tones, before you decide on what you want to use a particular sound for. Does it sit there and play itself ? Well, almost, if you plug in the S-trig and run it through some effects. But that's not why you picked up a Mini. You don't want to sit back and watch a digital piece of gear do it's thing. That's what your digital tools are for. This is a collector's item, one that commands the ridiculous prices that it does because of the market forces of supply and demand. It simply sounds very, very good. Does it sound like my Prophet ? No, and they both can do things the other cannot. Like an antique firearm, or a fine wine...if you don't want it, don't fork over the dough. It's really a simple question. Would I work my butt off for the $$$ to buy another if mine were stolen ? Are you kidding ?

Would I bitch about it and denigrate it if I did not like it or could not afford it ? Nah...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-10-2004 at 05:05
Another Musician from The Multiverse writes:
I think that the Minimoog is a wonderful instrument. It's funky, powerful, soulful, and unique. I wouldn't really call it a jack of all trades synth, however. It won't do everything, but it's good at what it does. I wouldn't recommend this being your only synthesizer, unless you only like Moog sounds, or don't use synths heavily in your music.

I feel that it really shines in producing bass, leads, and unique sounds. It is monophonic and analog which is why it sounds the way it does. Saying that it isn't good because it's monophonic and not polyphonic is like saying "I don't like this piano because it isn't an organ!" I personally feel that it's beneficial to own at least one mono synth and one poly synth. In my humble opinion the Minimoog is one of the greatest instruments ever made, however, that's subjective. I'm not sure that it would work in ALL genres, but, if you like the sounds and can afford it, than get one. I'm not sure that it's worth what it goes for, but that's the same for all heavily desired vintage instruments (SP-1200, MPC-60, etc.).

If you can't afford one, and like it's sonic characteristics, than either get a sample CD or disk with the sounds on it, or a software emulation (I'd recommend the new Arturia version that's coming out, as well as the modular version), or a Nord Lead III. A Nord Lead III is a much more versatile synth, is VERY Moog-like (as well as very unlike a Moog if you want it), and can be Mono or Poly I believe. Also, if you like the Minimoog and cost is no object, and prefer true analog, than I would recommend an Andromeda, Minimoog Voyager, synth, or another classic mono-synth. However, there is only ONE Minimoog - love it or hate it.

posted Thursday-Jan-29-2004 at 21:17
Henrik Stolpe a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
OK.... Time to post again. I have had a minimoog for about 5 years. I do a lot of music but I havent used the mini for years. The reaoson is: That extra warmth/fatness is so rarely needed and is hard to fit in a mix. And I dont want to have it in the studio, I want to have it at home so I can look at it. The mini for me is a piece of affection, beautifull furniture, amazingly satisfying to play but not something I make music with.

One thing though; It really sounds that much better than VA and most other analogs. The sheer frequency range and signal to noise ratio is remarkable, The warmth stunning. ¨

The only filter that has the highs and the lows in the same way is the SSM2040 in the REV2 P5 (which I have sold). I now use a Polysix in the studio, it is as fat as the mini and almost as warm but it doesnt have the frequency range and creaminess.

If I would do a proffesional high quality recording sometime, to release, then I would probably use the moog in some spacious arrangements. Now Im content with playing at home sometimes, and looking at it (its beautifull)!!!!!!!!

5 for warmth, bass and frequency response 2 for everything else 3 is the mark

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-27-2003 at 08:54
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