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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Marlin Mackley a hobbyist user from St. Louis, Mo, USA writes:
As I expect with many of us my first experience with the Moog sound was through the talent of Walter Carlos. After hearing that recording all I knew was I WANTED ONE! that was 1970. fast forward to 1992. I was just minding my own business, repairing and building pipe organs, when, while visiting a man to look at a large electronic organ, I noticed a metal chassis with a black faceplate and bunches of black knobs. I pulled out the cardboard box to look and he said, "oh, that is just an old Minimoog, just junk" and proceeded to pick it up by the keyboard cables. It took almost no effort to get him to GIVE it to me! Some repairs and a new leatherette case to replace the missing original and I have a fully operational Moog! Oh, and by the way it seems that it is the tenth one off the production line! Check out for photos. No, I can't dup the Carlos performance, but it sure is great to play! I hope to soon have parties to let others get a chance to try its awsome power! Respectfully submitted by: Marlin Mackley

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-16-2001 at 22:24
Ryan Day a hobbyist user from Denver writes:
I picked up my first Minimoog earlier this year for cheap ($750), and it's been a joy to own. It's an older model manufactured some time in 1974, but it does have the new osc boards so the tuning is rock solid. Interestingly, this particular Moog overdrives the VCAs harder than anything else I've the sound is just monsterous. I might pick up a set of the old boards just to compare them with the ones in mine, but then again why mess with a good thing! :)

Only bummer-- the previous owner left it in his car one day and the heat warped the face plate at the edges (only slighly). The dark brown cabinet is in great shape and all the knobs are perfect. With the skyrocketing price of analogs these days, I felt I did alright.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-05-2001 at 18:49
Larry Killip a professional user from New Zealand writes:
I just "aquired" a minimoog! S#8888. Switched it on, fiddled a few knobs and just got blown away. I use a lot of up todate equipment and have even been using Roland's "vintage card" for some Moog solos. None of it compares to the real thing. And guess what! you have to actually PLAY it. No sequencers, no bull&*$.

I am not even a good keyboard player but immediatly got sounds out of this Minimoog that I had been trying to get for ages out of other "modern" synths.

just my two pennies worth, what a cool little number.

Larry killip

posted Wednesday-Jan-31-2001 at 00:19
Andy D a hobbyist user from UK writes:
To me, the minimoog is a damn fine synth and certainly my favourite, both in terms of sound and looks. After searching for a couple of years, I bought a brand new model E mini last year for £1499 from Moog Music Ltd. here in the UK and I am still learning new tricks on it six months on. New features on the model E include Pulse Wave Modulation for oscillators 1 and 2 when oscillator 3 is in LFO mode, a transpose switch can raise or lower the keyboard an octave plus it's all MIDI'd up as standard. The oscillators are guaranteed never to go out of tune due to a new design. You might think all this alters the sound, but a reviewer who compared it with an original and could tell very little differences apart from the look (Moog added the new controls above the tune/glide/mod knobs) and if anything, the sound was fatter. Many people acknowledge that it has excellent bass and lead capabilities but there's much more to it than that (FM mode for a start). So what if it's a monophonic, you can tune the three oscillators to play chords!! The drawbacks? I nearly put my back out collecting it from the music's a heavy beast!!

If anyone wants to get in touch with Moog, go to their site or e-mail them at

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-12-2000 at 17:53
Mist a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The minimoog does bass and leads. You can probably get about 30 or so different sounds out of it that are "distinct" from each other. These sounds will be some of the best that you will ever hear. Music is about love for the supernatural and the unknown. Analog synthesizers are the sound of pure electricity. You can hear something beyond your comprehension in the tones that the Minimoog will deliver, I feel that the lead tones are beautiful.

posted Thursday-Oct-21-1999 at 15:57
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