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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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synthuz a professional user from sweden writes:
I get sad when people onley talk about bass, when using the prodigy, please its a synth not sub instrument, use the sounds in a higher pitch and add some efx, and u will see what a synth is, the prodigy has one of the most expressive voices ive played on. the prodigy is one of the best synths ever made,,,,and its hard to get.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-09-2007 at 13:58
mike a hobbyist user from usa writes:
well all send and done guess what a prodigy is not a minimoog thats why it named prodigy and it was intended as a budget synth not a modullar or semi modullar synth but what it does it does very well in fact i do have a real minimoog and the micro and mg1 and a-b all of them to the mini and the prodigy won minus 1vco minus the spheudo ring modulator by using the3rd vco as both lfo+vco the sound is not as clear and warm but for 1/3 the price it makes great bass lead and solos and it's really easy to use live as far as changing parameters more than the mini and to transport. really it's the sound that matters and it sounds better than any other budget anything as far as a cheap arternative to a mini this is it. the over hype prices don't only apply to the prodigy if you think about it for what you would pay for a used mini you could almost get an andromeda 16 vcos 32vcfs matrix out the ass sequencers and arps but it all boils down to one thing sound

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-29-2006 at 22:08
Lee a hobbyist user from England writes:
I have just bought a Kenton Pro Midi to CV converter and a Cinch Jones lead from Kenton.

My Moog is now working over Midi and it has enhanced it loads now i can play parts in as it frees up my hands to mess with the cut off and rez.

Still not the greatest mono synth in the world as the bass is a bit farty but it sounds superb when you whack some delay on it and use it for all kinds of weird squelchy effects.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-24-2006 at 08:17
eric petersen a professional user from usa writes:
I had a Mini Moog AND a Prodigy and I LOVED the Prodigy, because of the weird build quality, Mine would give 7 octives if I switched in "between" the oscillator switcch, and it did sound like a Mini, although it was thinner because it had fewer oscillators and amps, Mine however, was stolen. I've never recovered it. I do however love the Subtractor in Reason, More like an Oberheim really, Not at all Moog, I can however sound like Jan Hammer on occasion

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-11-2006 at 16:49
eric coleridge a professional user from NYC USA writes:
Theres so many various opinions of every different synth, it's hard to decide who to believe, multiply that by the subjectiveness of all these opinions and it could all add up to nothing;

But with that said, I want to offer yet another: the Prodigy is way over-priced. it doesn't really "sound" like a "moog" if "moog" means the Minimoog and or Moog Modulars. It's a cool synth, well built, and like most every synth, can make excellent bass sounds. But like the Rogue, it doesn't really come that close to the amazing expressive tone of a Mini. I'm sorry, that's been my opinion from listening to it. Ditto the Rogue. it's too bad though; it would be nice if you could get a synth that sounds as good as the Mini, but for $500.

This doesn't mean they're bad synths, it only means that you'd be way better off with a Korg Monopoly(for instance) for the price of those "budget" Moogs. The Mono Poly's tone is way more expressive, full, and more characteristic. It is also infinitely more equipped. The Mono/Poly is only the top of the list of better synths in my opinion. The Micro and Multi have even less of the incredible tone of the Mini, however they make up for it it controls and patching, etc. This makes them superior synths to me, even though I find them a little thinner than even the Prodigy/Rogue.

I also agree with others who reported the Radio-Shack MG-1 better than the Rogue/Prodigy. It just has a lot more character through some of it's modulation capabilities (bell tone for one, and this cool repeat thing it does, for instance) --although, it obviously suffers from a shabbier build than it's Moogy brothers.

The only other Moog that I feel really deserves an inflated price is the Source, which has a much closer architecture and build to the Mini. Yes, this is more talk of the Mini... but you just can't mess with it. the Mini just sounds like liquid gold/ and the others don't, except the Source. Sorry. I come to these opinions not from a technical standpoint (although I believe that the specs/build would support my argument)-- but from personally owning and playing the Micro, Rogue, Prodigy, and MG-1. I've never owned a Mini or Source, but I have played them enough to know for sure what my ears were telling me.

The only reason I leave this report is for people like me who would be looking into potentially buying one of these synths, and wanting to know what their plus/minuses are from someone who has extensively used one. i don't have any gripe for people who love their Prodigys. I liked (not loved) mine. But it's just super over-priced. You could buy an ARP Odyssey or MS20 and get a really cool synth for the price of a Prodigy. Or, do yourself afavor, and explore some of the weirder less hyped synth like the Mono/Poly-- which is excellent. I mean, it's true, they're all cool and have they're own benifits, but would'nt you rather have a synth that does tons of things rather than one that does very little. I guess it could depend on what your using it for. But a Roland SH-1,2 or 9 is a better alternative for "simple, straightforward" synths, if money is a concern for you. Or the MG-1, if you can get it under $400 (and you can still have your "Moog"!!!).

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-09-2006 at 00:33
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