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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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a part-time user from California writes:
Near perfect Hammond/Leslies...awesome Rhodes...killer Wurlitzers...stunning Clavinets...even respectable ensemble pianos...and all in a 21 lb. package. I have heard people rip on the Electro because of it's acoustic pianos, but in the Electro 2, they're great in a band situation...besides, they're just icing on the cake. I got my Electro 2 73 from Tony at BT Productions...he sold me one (brand new, in the box) for slightly over $1500...a STEAL !! If you play vintage gear, you owe it to yourself to try one out. I guess it would be improved with real drawbars, or maybe effects...but you get used to working around both these issues with no problems.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-19-2004 at 01:31
Allen a professional user from Pennsylvania writes:
I've owned at least 2 dozen Hammonds, Vintage (1938) A's thru spinets, chops, new & used B-3's all invariabley coupled to probably every leslie ever made. I loved 'em all. I am the guy who would never sell his last B-3, & 122. But I did and bought an XB-2. Have an 860 leslie, and was "satisfied" only because of space/weight factor. I also used an Ensoniq KS-32 as a bottom manual. Had a Wurly 200, and a mint clav. My ego demanded a seperate amp for each, so I carrying a 1/2 ton van loaded to do 4-5 jam sessions a year. My time on the road long since over. Then I heard of the Nord, visted their web site, listened & immediately called the U.S. Distributor. After explaining my loyalty to the real electro-mechanical vintage era instrumernts and sound, I asked why I shouldn't buy a "61". They seemed too good to be true... His answer, "they're red." I bought that! It is in fact the only shoirtcoming, other than the inabilty to easily stack 'em. I was one of the first to purchase of these, a pair, when you paid full price. I have NO regrets. Using One 100 watt amp for each channel, they are totally indisingquisable from a tone wheel Hammond. Getting used to the controls takes some time, but once you've mastered that aspect, you have all the advantages of a B-3, (assuming you do as I did and buy 2) in a 17lb per unit package. The Amps? In my opinion are necessary to realize the full potential of the Leslie simulator. I give the Hammond sound 100%, Wurly, 80% and Clav 70% ratings for nit-picking accuracy. Face it. 95% of your listeners are not even going to pay atention. If you're recording, you probably have access to the real thing. In two words... BUY THEM. P.S. The amps I bought are made by a small company in PA. ASR has OEMed for Korg, (Vox) Yamaha, and many other big name companies. They are GREAT! Small, powerful, and reliable. Email (ME) if you want more info. NO I don't get a kick-back.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-26-2003 at 09:19
ryan t. a part-time user from USA writes:
I got my 61 super cheap ($1200) and it was worth every penny. It's not perfect, but considering that my Wurli 200A and my Rhodes always need work, it's close enough. The Organ / Leslie is without a doubt the best I've ever heard. I've done a few sessions where I used a real A100 with a Leslie, and it's always a struggle to keep everything working. Can't wait to roll in with this little thing and just get the job done. BTW - the 2.0 upgrade really does adress most issues people havee with this thing. Piano is still lame, but that's not what this unit's for.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-29-2002 at 11:45
Mos a part-time user from Trieste, Italy writes:
I own NE73 and I use OS 2.0 (free upgrade on Today the Nord Electro is the best clone-wheel... IMHO better than Korg CX3, Roland Vk7 & Vk8, Voce V5, Hammond XK2, NI B4, Oberheim & Viscount stuff... and I have try everyones NE73 is fantastic for "easy of use", "sound", "malleability", "feeling" Rhodes Suitecase e Stagepiano samples are excellents like the Nutella(TM) Wurlitzer, Clavinet is very good... Good sample of the CP80... Poor acoustic piano :( Effect OK (specially the Tremolo and Pan) Ring Modulator is a jolly Sim-Leslie wonderful! Best buy of the digital-era!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-04-2002 at 20:12
triazolam a professional user from usa writes:
I love my Nord Electro. I use it almost everyday, the sound is perfect the Rhodes has so much character, the Organ is excellent, it is beautiful... :)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-03-2002 at 19:56
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