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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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James Belton a part-time user from UK writes:
Amazing for low end. The 2x adds a totally new dimension to your music, especially electronica. Ive quite often set this up and used it on its own to record hour upon hour of noodling which is then cut up and used in tracks. just playing with the LFO settings and twisting the knobs like crazy you end up with some amazing effects.

If i was going to mention a negative point it would be the tiny display for selecting patches. theres hundreds on there and only a 3 diget display to find them. Other than that its awesome

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-17-2005 at 15:18
elektrik a part-time user writes:
NL2x is a great instrument. It's sound quality is superb considering the sound is dry. Very low aliasing, none of the horrible beating on mid octaves as I have noticed on other VA's. Patch architecture is very simple, yet it can result in complex textures. 20 voice polyphony is great and is very welcome when you want to make sound phater. Mono unison is very nice as it preads voices in a stereo field - dynamically. Lush! The character of its sound is a bit on metallic side, which I love, yet it can get very 70's mellow/soft. Just check out some soft string sounds! 5 for those! You can also make some pretty cutting and harsh DX leads by syncing noise to osc 1. FM is very musical and it can deliver great EPs, bells, plucky stuff and also DX like basses. The raw sound of oscillators is very punchy, bright, present, loud,...great! The filters's Nord. The bad or good point is, that when you crank the resonance up the low end dissapears. But you can use notch with lowpass for resonant stuff that needs to be phat :) It works. On the other hand I really like what silkyness the resonance produces on sawtooth pad sounds. Sparkling something...special! Oh, the interface is just the best ever. Simple, intuitive, no menus, just feels like an analogue instrument. Really. Pitch stick and mod wheel are classy and so is overall built quality. A tank. But light one that is. I would recomend this axe to everyone looking for a simple, yet powerful and unique sounding synth.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-06-2004 at 11:58
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