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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Reflekshun a part-time user from Austrlaia writes:
If you are willing to sacrifice putting work into learning this not so perfect interface (can be a pain, but it's not terrible) the sound will definitely make up for it. VERY high quality for this price, it compares to the big guns in terms of sound. It only has a 12/24 Lowpass filter, and that doesn't give it enough flexibility to be a one synth studio, but coupled with another synth(s) it's excellent. Pads are very lush and beautiful, mostly because of its smooth filter. also some good basses again thanks to that nicely made filter. Classy sound - good work by novation!

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-24-2003 at 02:52
Alex K a hobbyist user from London, UK writes:
I've owned this puppy for just under a year now and i bought it for a lot more than what it's sold for now like in places like Turnkey...Anyway, i've only used it a couple of times to try and fathom its sonic capabilities and to be honest i would describe the sound as 'cold' and 'metallic'. There ARE a lot of potential sounds in this box however as other users have pointed out it can be a little limited in the filter department. I would hope that other A-Station users out there would try to dissuade me from parting with it, maybe others have been more successful at producing warm, rounded textures with it, please let me know, after all i have only used a few times so maybe there are some possibilities that i've missed. Anyway, im toying with the idea of trading it for something like a Nova desktop or the forthcoming KS-Rack because i like Novation and i think they make better products than the likes of Access and the rest of them in the same market. Please feel free to air your views with me. Respect.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-24-2003 at 07:30
jim a professional user from floorida writes:
Wow. I bought this synth because although I like my an200 I found it to be a limited in its its sonic scope. The an200 is great for bass and leads but forget pads or strings. Anyway this review is about the a-station. First off its sounds are top notch. If you're into dance music this synth has so many of the sounds that you need. If you're on a budget, like me, this synth has no rival. If you can only get one hardware synth get this one. Its better than the roland and yamaha desktop synths. Believe me. I love yamaha but Novation kicks their ass sound wise at this price level. I could care less that the a-station doesn't have an on/off switch. You can get something that will work just like one at home depot. That its not multimbral doesn't matter one bit to me because I have an emu sampler with loads of memory. I can have up to 64 samples going at once and its a lot less demanding on my sequencer. This is a great product and God bless the people at novation for making this quality of synthesis available to struggling artists like myself. My only gripe with this synth is that it has only one filter type. I think I'm gonna get that new alesis filter module however and run the a-station through it. You know even if money were no object I still would have bought one of these because its a high quality synth that is rackmountable. I do live techno and space is at a premium with me. Its not practical for me to lug around four keyboards plus my mixer and all the other things I need to perform. Anway, its a great synth and if you're on a budget you cannot go wrong with the a-station. Thanks Novation.

And for any newbies that might be looking I just want to tell you that without a sequencer or at least a midi keyboard you aren't going to be able to do much of anything with this unit.

The only reason I don't give it a five is because of the lack of multiple filters but given the price this is a very acceptable ommission.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-24-2003 at 00:53
Krister a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
This is a great sounding module. Ivé had mine for a week now and the sound you can get out of this unit really inspiers my creativety. Some people don´t like the interface and i agree. For beginners it´s very confusing, but since my first synth was a superbass station, i´m used to it. It´s cheep but I would rather pay a little more and get it at least 4-part multitimbral. I give this superb module a strong 3. I don´t belive in giving cheep but great sounding machines highest rating. The only synths that deserv a 5 are access virus and clavia nord modular....

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-17-2002 at 17:33
Dan a hobbyist user from U.S.A. - Illinois writes:
I bought my A Station in April as my first "real" synth. I have since bought several aother synths and, in comparison, I have have been pleased with the A Station overall. I don't care that it is monotimbral because most of the music I like has a single synth voice lead (early 80's think of the synth sound on "Reach Out" from Cheap Trick as an example). The majority of the pre-sets are useable. Editing is easy as you might expect and the 2 digit display and menus really aren't as bad as you might think at first glance. I would add though that the little black switches used for changing things such as waveform could definitely stand to be improved ergonomically. The software version on my machine is 1.0 and only occasionally have I experienced the clicking noises when changing sounds. I think it seems to occur only when switching to certain sounds - Someone had suggested perhaps this happens when switching to sounds that are more complex i.e. more demanding of the processor e.g. ones using all 3 oscillators. The main comment that I would like to add though that hasn't been brought up very much in reviews is just how much extra sonic space is covered by the A Station than just VA because of its simple FM provisions. I was listening to the FM pre-sets on My Yamaha DX 200 last night (by the way, it sounds great but it has had its presets aptly described as "weird") and I kept thinking hey I've made sounds exactly like these just playing around with the knobs tweaking the 5 basic FM presets on my A Station. I guess 2 operator FM can go a long way.

Rating 4.2 for only having a low pass filter but I'll round that up to a 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-19-2002 at 13:43
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