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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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AdamT a part-timer user from UK writes:
I`ve had a good extended play of the Supernova over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that it is definately the VA which is closest to actual VCO Analog, can (worryingly) make very Jupiter-8 ish pads (unlike Roland`s own JP8000) and can sound very like a Matrix-12 or Xpander, no it hasn`t got the hairy-arsed welly of a MemoryMoog, the organic qualitites of an OBX or CS80 and it`s 3-vco mono lead sounds won`t make a Pulse or SE1 redundant but it gets closer than the competition but it certainly makes the likes of the MKS80, Jupiter-6, Prophet-T8 etc expensive collectors items, I`d even buy one in preference to an Xpander!.

The OS isn`t finished yet, the special buttons in the VCO/VCF sections are still "unavailable" and with no less than EIGHT Motorola 56303 DSP`s on line there is certainly loads more power on tap (the Microwave-XT / Nordlead-II, Virus have only ONE and the Q only has three), this means that all sorts of things can be added such as morphing filters, Formant filters, complex waveshapers etc. the 44-voice daughter board I would imagine adds another 8 DSPs (does it?) giving 16 in total and no doubt there could be extra features for 44-voice owners.

The user interface is excellent, only the programming of the 64-step sequencer is awkward and not being able to use the fast data knobs to change patches should be rectified in a next revision (you get a sore finger pressing the + button a million times and the switch itself will fail in time). The florescent readout is visible from all angles (unlike an LCD) and has no backlite to fail. There is too much Zipper noise on pitch bends (reminiscent of the Casio CZ series) especially when you do a full sweep with the mod wheel, and no proper Oscillator Cross modulation but you can find fault in anything if you look..

The Supernova is an excellent tool that is best though of as an alternative to those big Memorymoogs, CS`s, Chromas and OBX/Xa`s rather than a replacement, but it certainly will replace ALL the DCO machines and a lot of the later (and safer sounding) VCO boxes too and it`s OS ain`t complete yet.

Don`t go by the patches, they ARE safe, make your own and MAKE SURE YOU LOAD VERSION-3 IN. The filters get more bristley and live, Lets have even MORE of that in the complete V3 OS.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-30-1999 at 17:36
Disease Factory of velvet acid christ a professional user from USA/Colorado writes:
Whoa. Sound big, like a jupiter. FX rule! And its got BASS! its warm! The killer thing about this unit is the new OS, if you got hte 16 voice model the new OS gives you 20 !!! it rocks! And with all that poly, you can layer sounds, basses, strings and make some monster noises that is not possible with old analog gear!

I own the virus, the Jp8080, Nord Lead, Microwave 2, Pulse +. And this thing beats them all. The Virus still does that moog low end bass stuff the best, but nova does good bass, and killer strings and great sounds to arpegiate with! Don't hesitate. If you like old analog sound and want power, this is IT!

killer FX! dont need to buy extra fx for it, and for the person without much gear or money, this will do it for you! this paired with a sampler will allow you to make some professional music!

Geat for industrial, Dance, Techno, 80's.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-14-1999 at 10:50
tekslut a part-timer user from usa writes:
The SuperNova is the finest synth on the market--yes, that means it beats the Z1...easily. This unit is perfect right out of the box: the patches wail and have the perfect bite--the basses penetrate the earth and the leads burn holes through your head--the pads...oh, those pads. Really, Korg and Roland sound stale next to this beauty. I have a moog, oberheim, basstation kb, and a korg in my opinion is based on what I hear. That's my 2 cents.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-01-1999 at 00:26
Stephanie Sante a professional user from USA writes:
The SuperNova is FANTASTIC!! Even better than I thought it would be. The filter is very smooth. This is a great synth for ambient, deep space exploration. It reminds me alot of a cross between the old MemoryMood, Jupiter 8, and Oberhiem Matrix 12. Seriously its that capable. The menu's are very well laid out. If you already know how to do Analog programming you'll be in business in no time. This thing can play up to 8 separate parts each with full effects. Amazing!! The arpeggiator process is second to non and has incredible potential. The unit is very well made. I just cannot recommend this box enough. It has a very creamy and silky sound. However it can get it your face if you want. It fits in very well with my Kawai K5000S/K5000R and my Kurzweil K2500R. In short, the SuperNova brings a huge palette of wonderful sounds to my studio. You can purchase one in USA from Reuseit Music or Eurosynth. Be sure to join the list group if you get one. Novation is very committed to GREAT Customer Support which is a RARE thing these days..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-24-1998 at 14:58
Riccardo Rossi a part-timer user from England writes:
I use a prophecy and a JP8000 for making music. I love the sounds of both, but I must say that the Supernova outdoes both in terms of sonic performance. It certainly has replaced the others as the main sound source in my music (House), especially because of its SOOOOO cool filters.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-12-1998 at 16:31
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