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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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shekhar raj dhain a professional user from u.k. writes:
I bought mine from ebay and including taxes it worked out to be about 900 pounds. It arrived with a dodgy voice, although everythign else was in excellent shape- includign factory fit MIDI- so Ive just had it recently serviced by kent sprong of KSR, who service and resote all of rl music's gear. Kent's an absolute legend and deserves to be cannonised, but back to the review.

Having used an ob-xa in the past, this has a slightly cleaner sound - some say thinner - which sits better in a mix. But where this really wins , is with the unique arpeggiator, which is almost like a mini sequencer, and also the page 2 mode, which is great for random tweaking or just gettign stuck in- like I do- to open up the more esoteric sound manglign possibilities, such as phase inversion of LFO's voice detuning - not always necessary on a VCO synth ;-)- and so on. It has these great little pots on the right end cheek to manually pan each of the 8 voices wherever you want to in the stereo field, which is superb when creatign pads and string patches, and even better when you use the split or dual modes, each of which can have their own midi channel.

Of all the oberheims, only the matrix 12 and the xpander can really beat it for the best mix of sound, programmability, and reliability. If you want an earlier oberheim, you better believe that it will require an annual "hospital visit", which can result in some seriously eye watering bills. Furthermore, the earlier machines are too powerful - with the excpetion of the ob-1- to sit well in a mix ( especially the "blow holes in the walls 4 and 8 voice monsters), so stick with an ob-8 and you cant go far wrong, as even the manuals and service notes are avilable on the 'net

One more thing...this isn't well known, but if you attempt to load in the factory patches on some of them, because they may have been recalibrated by a tech at some point , the patches may not render properly..or at all in some cases! you have been warned.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-21-2007 at 10:35
Mike Thompson a professional user from USA writes:
I got my OB-8 about a month ago. It's a B5 revision with factory MIDI installed. This is a great synth with exceptional character and PHAT ASS BRASS! I can't even begin to explain how good the brass sounds are on this. Unfortunately, my unit came to me with boo-boo's; that is, it was severely damaged internally. The main digital-analog converter was shot, keyboard was worked on previously and not put back together right, battery was installed incorrectly thus blowing out the memory... you get the picture. Luckily I found a great tech who got this thing back up to speed for me in 2 weeks. The only problem still is that voice 1 is slowly going out, which he fixed already so something else is funky with it. Oh well, no big deal; pop this thing into page 2 mode and disable the one voice. I don't think I'll complain about a 7-voice synth at all! Great for strings, brass, bass and pretty much anything you can imagine. I've never played an OB-Xa but I know the deal about how this one is "thinner than the Xa". Listen - that may be true to an extent, and I can believe it since the Xa didn't have software-generated envelopes, but still this OB-8 shines and sounds very fat, and (besides my misfortune) it is supposed to be the most reliable of the series. I don't know about you but I'd rather have this thing work and remain to work than to worry about having a little more grit to the sound and constant problems. It works fine for what I do, in fact I prefer the sound to be a little cleaner. And besides the lousy keyboard (typical fo synth that era: korg polysix, memorymoog, etc..) this is an exceptional synth with awesome sounds and a place in history. Buy one before the prices keep going up.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-03-2006 at 23:12
Paul mann a professional user from London UK writes:
A marvellous synth, very warm and fat sounding. It produces great pads, bass & rich warm strings with ease. Another thing that makes this synth great is its stability and the later models have midi. I got one on Ebay for $800 in mint condition. And I love it. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-25-2005 at 07:26
OB LOVER a professional user from NY U.S writes:
The greatest synth of alltime, bar none. You can keep your jupiters, moogs and all the rest. The OB8 has a sound like no other that is so warm and phat and expressive. The King of the analogues with ease.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-27-2005 at 21:52
J D a professional user from Chicago writes:
The OB-8 has the Oberheim sound.And it is really a lot more practical with a MIDI fit (like mine has) and it is also a stable synth. The pre-sets are really just like signs on the road pointing a direction...You have to dig into the instrument and play it creatively like an instrument. I love the reviewer that says Prince swears by his OB-Xa.Okay like so when's the last time anyone went to a web site looking for Prince's keyboard style?.....And really it's not Styx or Van Halen that come to mind when you play this...It's RUSH.This keyboard reeks of RUSH. But thats why I say it's got a metalic timber that makes a lot of sense to use in a rock/industrial/enviornment than really a Jupiter ,Moog,or Prophet.Its basically a brassy string sound..thus more of a metalic timber than say violin,cello,viola....thats "why?" rock bands used it.When you guys compare vintage keyboards now its kinda like wine testing. The sounds were created in a way that would be an Oberheim, or a Moog,an Arp, or a Roland...They all have different textures because that was part of their "name on the bottle" so to speak.The brass is to Oberheim as fruit would be to a beaugolais...The warmth of a moog is to me more like the smoothness of a vintage chardonay.. Learn textures and create sounds with keyboards that will help you define your own. It's a very good keyboard....Great?...well... I'd say an Arp 2600, MiniMoog or CS-80 are great. This gets 4 out of 5.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-23-2005 at 03:07
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