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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Hadit a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've owned this since it was released, paid 1300 us$ w/OS version 1.3 (i think). It's my first synth & the interface has taught me everything I needed to know as a beginning synthesist/programmer.At first, until the OS was updated to 1.5, it crashed whenever i pushed it to the limit (all four layers/splits, arp & synched effects)but now it can take anything except the unison issue, which does SUCK. It also lags a bit when syched to an external clock, but using the arpeggiator as clock and command master solves this, but isn't an acceptable workaround if you want to use it as a multitimbral module (which i do). Soundwise, it can't be compared to anything on or off the market (except maybe the Fizmo) I also have a Nmodular (G1)& alesis Micron, have owned AN200,DX200,EMU xl7. On its own it may sound thin, but in a mix it holds its own in terms of bandwidth, besides it has an onboard eq (which you can tweak in realtime, remember, eq is also an effect {filters?})Like others have said, this is a synthesizer, not a VA. I could gripe (and have) about a few things but I've yet to find anything perfect in this world. For any limit it has, there are 2 AWESOME capabilities to match. Personally I'm glad this was so unpopular (sorry Viscount)as it feels all the more special to have obtained one.The Keyboard, by the way has great action and the aftertouch is well implemented(with the aftertouch exchange) Viscount being an Organ manufacturer, and with all the unison/midi issues, I'd consider this a masterful Performance synthesizer with Amazing sonic capabilities and an interface that spoils the avid sound designer (ever program an emu proteus?)If multitimbrality, polyphony and trendy or commercially viable sounds are what you want, get a triton or a virus. This is an experimentalists playground.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-08-2004 at 12:49
Andy a hobbyist user from England writes:
I had this Synth for about a year, after falling in love with its beauty. But im Afraid, its Claudia schiffer looks have a God awful inners. Yes it can do all sorts od Analooguish sounds, ans the filter setup, is excellent, but whatever chips they use are shite. Its the thinnest sounding, VA out there, I warn you people off the hype, as so many buy this thing and are afraid to admit they made a poor decision. Its like the a soldier losing all his limbs, except one leg, but still says hes glad that hes got one leg as he can hop everywhere. I have had all the VA's out there, with the exception, of the JP8000m Q Rack, and although i will admit the interface is brilliant, and what you can do with it, is excellent, it still always sounds like the 40 hz to 80Hz is missing, and this doesnt bode well for that full sound that analogue has. I dont expect miracles for this price, but like so many synths, its very overated, and i will resonate, with the guy above about the K station Rack, sounding better. Shame as I really loved my blue monster, I would have paid an extra £200 for better sound, then it would be awesome. Although if you can find one for £200, $300, its a great little addition to your setup, and it can make sounds other synths cant. Like it being thrown out of a window and smashing on a car from 30 stories after trying to program a decent sound

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-08-2004 at 08:43
hay a hobbyist user from england writes:
AAAAAAGH!!!! Have most of these reviewers got a hearing problem??? If you are an old skool synth fanatic like me, (numan, kraftwerk, depeche etc)then for goodness sake go and buy this synth, before everyone realises what it can really do!This is a va board that really sounds like a synthesizer, not constrained and typecast to certain styles of music. I really think it will become a REAL CLASSIC (ie not yet another overrated 80s roland synth kind of classic). This board reminded me of why i first became interested in synthesizers. Forget the brand name issue, forget the unfortunate weak presets, have a go at making your own sounds, this is what this boards all about. Highly Recommended!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-12-2004 at 16:11
dr spliff a hobbyist user from Belgium,ghent,the electronic place 2 be writes:
Djing for about 10 years now and making music 3 years. Bought Korg electribe Mx, Yamaha dx200 and the Oberheim ob12. Bought the ob second hand and sound wasn't so good at all. The guy messed with it but i knew this synth needed to be updated. (it's DSP and CPU) And add some new sounds. I must admit after updating it, my synth came like alive :) Cool sound, scapes, crackles, deep fat sound, nice basslines, and a lot of nice emulations from the old analog instruments. This synth is great for me. With it's very nice filters you can really get some weird sounds of it. Last night I even got some weird voices out of it. It's a user-friendly machine and I would recommend it to everyone. Check the oberheim website for updates, new sounds,etc. I also want to add some comment to another user who's not satisfied with the Ob. If u don't like the sound and you say that a novation sounds better, ok than you just like this fucking trancy sound. I dislike it, in fact I hate it :). A good advice 2 everyone: always try before you buy!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-07-2004 at 18:54
Kursat Pasinlioglu a professional user from Turkiye writes:
OB12 has a special sonic contribution to our music with its unique sound, filters and interface. Its rack version could also be designed..

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-31-2004 at 12:29
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