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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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not a happy bunny from northwest uk writes:
had this bit of kit for about 7 months now , not really happy with it at all

the sounds are totally bollocks , out of its league when put up against cheaper synths like a ks rack etc. initially you think the presets are bad and that you can coach some fine sounds from it - yeah right - just wait until you try.

then there is the nice lag in timing when you try and beef the already "so thin your ears bleed" sound to a normal level. i have got softsynths that play faster than this and this is hardware? if that isnt all , you have the loverly lag that you dont realise until you program a nice sequence of about 140+ bpm in 16th notes. lets say it "humanised" the timing :P

built like a tank on the outside but my screen flashes like a strobe light - it has been sent back once and its just started again , excellent

apart from that tho , it does do more than a korg poly 800. it actually has the same sound in the oscs as a poly 800 to be honest. a kind of honky square wave sound to it. brittle and thin.

please please please dont give in to hype or reviews on this or other sites about this synth. when you put it up against other va's this is laughable (apart from darkstar)

if any mug sorry synth lover :P wants to swap it in the uk for a jp80x0 i will happily throw in a nord micro modular too

email me


ill give this baby a 2 because it looks nice

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-10-2004 at 20:15
Milan Z a part-time user from france writes:
virtual analog wonder synth:I have ensoniq ESQ-1 (8 curtis analog filters),MAM MB 33 II(THE sound of ACID!!! 18db analog filter+PHAAAT osc. section&distortion),YAM. AN-1X(warm,versatile+excellent step sequencer&complex FM routing),ACCESS VIRUS( classic VA machine from Germany)+MC-303(future classic)&MC-505(excellent for those who know how to use to it's full potential),and have used extensively KORG MS 2K+WALDORF Q rack.I'm programming synths since 1987, and all I can say is that the OB 12 is a truly unique synth with a distinctive sound and a wonderful layout:it can serve in all shades of electronic weirdness and yes it does have it's downs(see the reviews below)but the whole thing is that it can do wonderful sounds that other synths can't!!! PEACE.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-27-2004 at 19:02
Robert Dettloff a professional user from United States writes:
I was a heavy Arp user in the early 80's , I also had an Arp 2600 and I learned about filters and waveforms and basic sound synthesis theory. I just purchased the OB-12 and I love it and can't wait to dial in my own expressions because the presets leave alot to be desired ! I welcome any advice from experienced users.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-22-2003 at 02:16
Richard a professional user from Oklahoma, USA writes:
I had been thinking about trying this synth for quite some time. I'd read posts here both good and bad. When was blowing them out for under $500 I figured the thumbs down reviews were probably correct. Still, in the back of my mind I wondered. I finally bought one here at Sonic State. I've had it for only a week and I'm completely pleased. The filter is quite warm sounding and jst wonderful for playing pads. The ease with which this synth can be programmed has got to be one it's strongest points, that and the graphic interface that pretty much tells you everything that is going on. It's a shame that the instrument hasn't found a larger audience here in the United States, as it is so hard to find a dealer who carries it. The quality of the build on the OB is tanklike. In fact, the build reminds me of the Quasimidi Polymorph, which indeed is one rugged little box. I can't imagine that I will ever willingly part with this instrument. Kudos to Viscount. If anyone wants to further see what instruments I'm judging the quality of this instrument by, you may visit my home studio at

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-29-2003 at 04:56
Dave from Sweden writes:
I got this synth for 2 days ago 500US i have lots of old analog synths,but this synth does not sound as analog if you want that you should go for a pro one,jupiter 8 and so on.. i like the design of this synth,the present sucks bigtime what hell is that hehe, but so ugly are they not as i read some people writes,i see them as korg T2 lol ,.. but skip this banks when you start to use the knobs its really rock,when i pack it up it feel not cheap its good quality it feels like expensive thing and much more better qulity than the Roland jp8000 .. hmm but i test the ms 2000 its nothing to compare to this synth.. 4 voices ??? but i think ms 2000 has more routing and a vocoder that are good instead. But i think a virus synth sounds more to VA analouge than this thing. But dont listen to this things about the bugs and so on its great gear.. if i could choose between a Roland jp8000 and korg ms 200, OB12 ,OB 12 is the deal the filter sounds more analog than the jp8000 but i have to say i love the pads on the jp8000 to =) but if we talk analog the filters rocks in OB 12 not as Korg ms 20 but quite near to Oberheim that its supposed to.. atleast its sound more Oberheim than Korg and Roland. i have not program the OB 12 to much yet but im sure that its in the class of the jp8000 and have a bit better various sounds than jp ,and it can sounds.

good like the other VA in bas and so on..but you have to use the knobs otherwise you will be sad.. Grab one! its bargin price and Display rocks and 144 knobs slider and so on.. you wont regret it if you in buy calss of ms 2000 and the JP 8000 this is in the same price today.. but for a VA synth you will like the filters of this gear Promise. Bye!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-05-2003 at 19:23
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