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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Martin Demoir a professional user from Burbank,CA writes:
We used this synth to great length in the soundcues to the motion picture "Oceans 11".

An amazing Italian synth.

Do not sell ever. If so, not for less than 850$

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-12-2001 at 05:28
dl a part-time user writes:
Here is my opinion having owned mostl all the VA's and a few real analogs..

Pros: Built quality is great, nice large lcd screen. Keyboard feel is decent. Lots of knobs an sliders....hmm yes it's built great but SOUND is where it's at, right?

THE CON: SOUND. IMO this thing sounded very flat and drowned in tons of effects. The presets are as everyone has said, Horrible. To me it sounded like a Korg rompler trying to do analog/synth type sounds, not too spectacular.

Look elsewhere if your looking for a VA synth.

5 for built quality, -3 for the sound = 2

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-20-2001 at 00:17
Lucid a part-time user from Scottsdale, AZ, USA writes:
I dont think this synth deserves the bad wrap it is here it is... The Plus sides: A Beautiful and detailed LCD Display screen that shows every movement on the front panel. This is an awesome feature, I think at least. It is VERY Well built, very solid. The knobs and sliders are nice too, got a good feel to them. There is a ribbon on it that makes some really cool effects for performances and what not. You can assign to parameters to it (Just about anything you can think of). The Wheels are smooth. One of the things I like about it the best is the layout....everything is spaced nicely (Not all cramped together) and there are plantly of knobs, sliders and buttons (140 total I think, not including the MOD Wheel and Pitch) There's a motion recorder which is pretty fun to mess around with. A phrase Recorder, which I havent really gotten into too much, but I think it could prove to be a good thing to have. I cant comment much on the filters and stuff, as I have only been into the synthesis scene for less than a year, but I like the way it sounds! =)

The Cons: I think the ribbon would be better off being set verticly instead of horizontally. No Audio In =(...This would make the synth a whole bunch better by adding a vocoder or something like that. The arpegiator is a little weak, but I think I might just be jaded by the Nova II's (Which I was able to play with a bit). So I'm not is still pretty flexible. The effects section isnt great, but it is there, and it helps out still. =)

All in all, I think it is a great synth...probably not the best 'only synth'. It can make some CRAZY outer-space/sci-fi sounds and other various sound effects. I have also made some Moogy Type sounds. Also, if you arent into programing, I would not recommend this board. The Presets are, lightly put, CRAP. With the recent price drop (From $2000 to $1200ish, and now $999) it is a GREAT Value. I'm sure if you have read other reviews you have heard "You will either Hate it, or Love it"...I for one, LOVE IT!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-19-2001 at 17:52
Jamie Breustedt a professional user from Philadelphia PA writes:
The OB-12 was discontinued shortly after the first line of production. This isn't a "true" Oberheim in that they were designed by Oberheim, but assembled and marketed through Viscount. That's why you aren't going to find any information on them through the Gibson/Oberheim website. The sad demise of the OB-12, I believe was based on Keyboard magazine's less-than shiny review of the OB-12 in the December 2000 edition. The review professed high expectations for the OB-12, but based their reviews almost entirely on the fact that the instrument came with a set of "largely unusable sounds". Well, all those knobs and buttons serve a purpose, and in this case the purpose was to make those so-so presets sound truly amazing and original. The "pro's and con's" of the OB-12, according to Keyboard, are: PRO's: Great sound, excellent user interface, flexible effects center, flexible routing of foot/ribbon controllers, motion and phrase recorders, and good waveshaping, appegiator, and addition of digital output". Unfortunately, it's cons probably killed the OB-12, whose buyers probably moved toward a Nord Lead, Supernova, or XTk: "Layered patches display substantial latency, sluggish pitchbender, lackluster factory presets, lack of external control of effects parameters, poor morphing capabilities, motion recorder problems." I honestly think this is a classic synth in the making, even though maybe Keyboard magazine disagrees. These synths haven taken a huge drop in price inside of just one year, and for the money, you're not going to find anything to beat it in a hardware synth. Of all of the newer analog-style synths produced, at least as far as user interface and design are concerned, only the Andromeda seems a sweeter synth. The OB-12 is simply a beautiful work of art, even if it does have a few shortcomings.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-18-2001 at 18:36
Jeff Kissinger from USA writes:
Just got the OB12, and it is simply the best synth I have ever had the pleasure to own. I say this currently owning a Nord lead, which I dearly love and will never sell, but the OB12 just seems to have absolutely limitless sonic possibilities. Just jamming on the keys is fun, but with it hooked up to a few fruity loops midi generators, this thing comes alive. I have owned various synths and machines (Roland JP8000, RS7000, Korg ES1 EA1 ER1 MS2000, Roland SP808, Yamaha CS2x, Yamaha QY70, Yamaha RM1X) and the only piece of gear I have kept and will keep is my Nord, and having only played the OB12 one night for a couple hours and a few minutes this morning before work, I can say without a doubt the OB12 will never leave my possession. The sounds are psychedelic, seemingly limitless, the interface is better that any software, easier and more moron-proof that windows, and the controls are simply amazing and the best layout, better than my Nord which bunch them all together so tightly.

In sum, if you are looking for power, something intuitive, excellent hands-on control, and incredible sound, built like a WWII tank, then this is a welcome addition to your setup, not to mention cheap$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. –poison drinker

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-18-2001 at 17:51
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