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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Mike a part-time user from USA writes:
1) U.S.A. price dropped again to $999.00

2) Presets are not good, but the synth has just as much potential as any other. What was Viscount thinking? Presets help sell in stores.

3) The fact that when this first came out, it was $1999 list and sold for $1499, then $1299, and now $999. That looks bad. Should have gone $999 from the start.

4) Anyone who bashes this synth is just jumping on a "bandwagon" from those people who said it's not a real Oberheim. Who cares. Do you care about the history of Access? Clavia? Novation? All you should care about is what the product does today, not the history of the maker. You can do some great things with this synth, just like most others.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-06-2001 at 03:23
I loved the OB-12 since the day it was first released. Ok is had a few bugs in the OS and DSP, like the irritating zipper noise when modulating PW. But the general sound and hardware quality was still great. I decided to wait for a new version of the OS before I bought the sizer.

Sound Now they have fixed the problem and I think it sounds great. I don’t think it sounds thin at all. I think the blue Obie really sounds analogue, far better then the plastic sound JP8000 and MS2000 produces. I have a few analogue polysizers like, Jupiter8, Prophet5, OB-Xa and the blue Obie actually sounds a bit like a reel analogue Oberheim. The OB-12 has kept the Oberheim soul, something many VA sizers are missing. They all try to sound like Minimoog, Jupiter8, Prophet5 and ARP at the same time.

Design Finally a sizer with knobs and sliders over the whole front-panel, not like say Nordlead or Virus. I think they really done a great job designing the OB-12, it looks a bit like the early Oberheim SEM and Four-voice sizers. The big display makes it easy to reach the more advanced functions. The best of two worlds, great!!

Now Oberheim have lowed the price to the same price as a Korg MS2000. Next week I’m buying a OB-12. *happy happy joy joy*

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-28-2001 at 10:04
El Cabron a part-time user from USA writes:
Just traded my OB12 for an older analog. There are a lot of plusses and minuses. The good news first:

It has a great display feature which allows you to see the waveforms, filtration, etc... The arpeggiator, motion recorder & FX are very nice to have and work extremely well. This machine seems very well suited for ambient applications and you'll be rewarded with some great sounds if you work at it. It's amazing that with 256 programs, only a few are useful and the rest are totally uninspired which leads me to the minuses:

For an analog modeling synth, it is disappointingly thin. For the money, the JP-8080 is a better sounding machine. As Fritz points out, this is for the casual amatuer. Worse still is the keyboard latency. Some people may like this, but I'd rather be beaten with a sharp stick. The manual is obtuse with terms that are somewhat confusing no doubt due to the Italian translation. I found the ribbon controller somewhat limited. Lastly (and before I get off my soapbox), the website is really terrible. It was never clear how to retrieve software upgrades, and everytime I tried, it crashed my browser. I have an 800K SDSL line with a monster of a computer, and the Viscount website made my life tough. If anyone has a positive experience here, let me know.

Overall, nice try Viscount, but until I get my Andromeda, I'll stick with my analog stack.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-29-2001 at 19:59
Shawn a part-time user from missouri,USA writes:
I am probably the only one on this site to actually posses an OB12 on this site? So here is my opinion. I think the OB12 is actually a remarkably good analog modeling synth. It may be too analog sounding for my tastes. I have had no trouble with the operating system as one other reviewer had, but I do have the latest OP system. The overall sound is VERY fat and gritty as if it were a true analog. It is capable of digital type sounds but it is best at bass and punchy type sounds. The filter is awesome. Allowing an astounding amount of control. In fact the synth is very deep for writing sounds. The presets do suck. But with tweaking they come to life. This is not a board for an amateur. You need some knowledge of synthesis to be able to get the most out of this synth.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-11-2000 at 23:48
matrix writes:
Relikk, try a search on the Gas-Station for OB-12 or try the Obie Alley. You will find that you are dead wrong. For most of us Oberheim enthusiasts, the Oberheim name was a big deal. The initial reaction was, this is NOT an Oberheim and will not be close in quality and sound to an Oberheim. It's an insult and a slap in the face to the original Oberheim. We then moved past that and went into how most thought the workmanship and sound quality was shoddy. Only thing is most of the input came from people that didn't have any hands on experience with the board - it was mostly based on word of mouth and the fact that it could not sound like a true Oberheim (back to the comparison again). Some got a glimpse of it at NAMN. Mixed reviews on that. One well respected synthesist on this site and the Waldorf List pointed out that his first impression on the board being crap might have been mistaken and that he actually heard some sweat sounds coming out of it. What his opinion is now I don't know. As for the reviews on this list, and even my comments, don't think in black and white. I'm not defending the OB-12. I'm arguing against bullshit reviews by people that haven't heard or played with the board. I respect John's review as he has some hands on experience with it. Let's stop this crap as it belongs in the GAS-Station, not here. To those reading reviews here or on other sites, one word of advice. Take it all with a grain of salt. Go out and listen to the gear yourself and read between the lines here or elsewhere. All that matters is what you think of the gear. You'll find that many of these reviews actually come from people that have had no hands on experience with the gear that they are reviewing. For those of you that are thinking that's bullshit, and that there are valid reviews here, notice I state many, not all or even most reviews. Yes there are valid reviews here. Nick, I have absolutely no problem if you remove this or any of my other posts on this thread as they are not reviews of the synth. They are however, warnings to those that read these reviews that there is a lot of shit to filter through, including maybe even my own. :)

posted Wednesday-Sep-20-2000 at 18:35
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