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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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matia a part-time user from USA writes:
I sarted making music with rebirth and have found many ways to get it to do all kinds of noises. The thing is that if you have the right tools it can go beyond the dance genre. I was able to make some industrial tracks by using the 303's and a great mod with really hard drum sets then going into metasynth and messing with the 303 adding effects and everything.. And now with reason out and all there's absolutely no reason (hehe no pun intended) why people can't have a whole software studio. However I do love my Korg ms2000 very much and don't see the reason synth replacing it anytime soon but for someone on the budget im sure the reason synth will do what they want and with rebirth they will be pretty much set to make all kinds of noise. All in all everyone should have a copy of rebirth cuz you never know when you'll need.

As to the argument of why there isn't a sh-101 personnally I don't think rebirth was meant to be an all in one kind of deal. I mean yes in the sense that it has a sequencer and some effects so you can do all of that within the app, but let's face it. unless you go through sampling the 303 and making a multipatch you wont be able to write a whole song. alll in all rebirth achieves what it tries to achieve and that's why its a 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-17-2000 at 20:08
RAY a professional user writes:

posted Friday-Dec-15-2000 at 22:18
olafmol writes:
i agree with you, except when you started about Future Music, aarghh...the world's crappiest music-mag!!!! buy Sound on Sound ;)


posted Friday-Dec-15-2000 at 03:29
Ray a professional user from MD,USA writes:
hi!sorry,but i just HAD to say something after reading all the crap on rebirth!first of all,for all the blokes wanting to lay the 303 to rest because it's "old" and been on loads of songs,i have a suggestion:how about killing the electric guitar as well? after all,it's been on millions of songs!the 303 is the electric guitar for the dance musician;it'll never go outta style!secondly,anyone who says rebirth is limited has a brain that was put in backwards and hasn't heard the calibre of the artists using it,and the sheer variety of the songs.remeber the 303 when it came out?people said the same thing,and sold theirs for pennies!i bet they're kicking themselves now,huh? almost every concievable genre of dance music can be represented using rebirth!just check out the user songs!the 303 section has been created using authentic analog modelling,NOT samples!man,if the guys at FUTURE MUSIC can't tell the difference between the real thing and rebirth,who is some nerd with a mouse and no talent to say what it sounds like?"i have a 303 and it sounds nothing like the real thing!" yadda yadda!i'm sick of it!i routinely use rebirth to create 303 basslines and NONE of my big,rich studio friends wth REAL 303s know my secret!THEY think i have the real thing!sheesh,some people can never be thankful!you're getting about 3000 bucks of classic gear for NOTHING!not one but two analog dream machines,THE hip hop module(808),and the house beast beats machine(909)!add effects,and FREE drum sounds(downloadable as MODS)and graphics,and the world feels like a better place!so my advice to all those whining little babies is:"sorry you don't know how to use it,but i please...SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-15-2000 at 00:59
a professional user writes:
Hmmmm.... ReBirth does NOT sound "exactly like" a 303... especially with the square wave, it sounds kind of harsh and digital. However, if you're not fortunate enough to own a real 303 as I do, it certainly works.

However, it definately needs EQ and external effects. Their internal filter is overused and not that interesting. Also, to fatten up the sound, run the sound through a good external overdrive, and bypass the nasty distortion module they provide.

Still, it's great fun, and a good introduction to classic x0x synthesis techniques.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-07-2000 at 12:21
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