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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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tb a professional user from Israel writes:
I think that this program is amazing! if u ever thought about buying a 303 forget about it, cuz this program does a pretty good job! not to mention the midi support and the other modules which are included.... great support for cubase...... the sound is VERY smooth the quality is amazing it sounds exactly like it's REAL brother.... GET IT NOW!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-29-1999 at 21:44
Stylin' stan the ladies man a part-timer user from North east USA writes:
Sounds are okay, certain drums are okay, but the 909's lacking in spirit somehow... I played with it, synched it up to my friend's nord lead, and got pitifully bored. The knobs changed and crap, but it's a toy. You're better off with a MC-303 (now used as a backup for a rarely used 505)... Rebirth has also killed the whole acid/dance/yaddah yaddah yaddah scene (not jungle thank god)... every fricken' 12 year old rips a copy and makes some shit beat and considers himself as a damn musician. Bleah/

If you want something that's ACTUALLY useable for tones.... go get Retro AS-1.. Unlike that other crap which uses samples (I have an akai for that, Shitberg), it's fully variable oscillators. makes some nice pads.

Sorry if i came out angry but it's really as much as a toy as an MC-303...... hell least wth the mc-303 you can bring on a stage.....


Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-29-1999 at 11:37
For what it's worth... Anyone heard a few tracks by Squarepusher? I tell ya, if you ran that sort of stuff by Base Orbit, he'd jump all over the hiss and low-quality output of the tracks. But it's damn-fine-music. Back to ReBirth... I've A/B'd it with my FutureRetro 777 (All you EA-1 enthusiasts should save up an extra $350 and get a FR-777. But if you don't have the cash for an EA-1, BUY REBIRTH. For $150 you -cant- go wrong. You've got the coolest customer support at Propellerheads, they even post 3rd party modifications of their program, which are fuggin' awesome! And if you're running Cubase, ReWire Rebirth and your complaints about pro mixing and indie-outs on the drums are forever vanquished! You can seperate each synth, each drum sound to its own output in Cubase and effect it as such, a little 'verb on the snare drum, some plugin dist. on the 303. It's a shame these bug-up-the-ass 'pro musician' types are so afraid of the digital revolution. Everything from MP3 to pro-audio has these tightwads pissed that they layed down all this money into what was tech-for-the-time and now that's all being put out of date as even personal computers get faster and faster. Either roll with the punches or get beat down, being cranky gets you nothing but disrespect. Hey? You talkin' to me! Care to take this to the-gas-station buddy?!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-24-1999 at 13:49
Guillaume a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I think that al these people below who complain about how cheesy ReBirth sounds and about how limited it is need to download some of the songpacks off of the Propellerheads' website and listen to songs by people like Nicholas Lundqvist or Massen. I have to agree that nothing sounds as good as the real equipment, having once owned a TB myself. But I think that to a large degree how something sounds is directly related to how talented and creative the person using it is. Nothing proves my point better than the songs by the above mentioned guys. Also ReBirth does sound alot better coming out of a more professional soundcard such as those made by Event Electronics and then through Pro Studio Monitors. I imagine many people are listening through a cheesy 'Blaster and then through little PC speakers. Nothing will sound good coming out of that. If any of the people with so many complaints actually had bought the program, they could have listened to the audio songs on the version 2 cd through a good system and realized this. ReBirth is definetely not as good as the real original Roland Equipment, but it is loads of fun and still the most instantly gratifying music program. The fact that it comes even close to the oroiginals is amazing if you consider that you are using a computer to create those sounds.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-24-1999 at 11:40
Base Orbit a professional user from USA writes:
I would have to say this after fighting about this for a long time. There is a new wave of music enthuaists. They are the computer Genereation. They think that using a computer is as good as the real thing. Not by a longshot. Sure you can go get alot of programs and run them off your AWE 64 GOLD and your Sweet Sound System yet, no matter what you do it wont sounds nearly as good or have nearly as much possibility as a real piece of equipment. I know that the new wave is mostly broke ass people who dont have jobs or work at McDonalds or whatever and they think that $180 will give them all they need to make Techno music. But unfortunatly they are wrong, you wont get anywhere near where you want to be with Rebirth. Sure its fun to play with, ive got a ripped version at the studio that we have fun with every now and then, but when we seriously want to make music we turn off the computer and turn on the tr909 and all our other gear and make some good music. Rebirth lacks so many things, LFO's OSC's you name it, they need to get off thier high horse and learn that they need to have a mixer added with it, you have to be able to set individual tempos on the gear and so on for it to sound actually good. Yet for all the computer synthesis I have heard it still lacks one thing, 'Quality'. Whenever I hear music at a rave or on a CD that is made by a computer I can tell. Dont forget that computers merely emulate the sounds a real digital or analogue synth make. For all you that think that Rebirth is a good clone of the original machines, think again. But dont get me wrong there is plenty of gear out there that sounds twice as good as rebirth for a fraction of the cost of the original machines. So to all of you making music with the 'new wave' artists, heed this advice, there IS NOT SUBSTITUTE FOR REAL EQUIPMENT!! Ok now Ive made my speech cya later kiddies.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-23-1999 at 11:30
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