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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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cmh a part-time user from US writes:
for some reason my previous review was never posted unfortunately. I cannot say enough good things about this synth. I have version 2. I also own a Moog, Kurzweil, Machinedrum UW.

It blows the lid off of most things I've heard, I mean it was jaw dropping the first time I heard it.

I second everything Loride said. It will be a classic.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-07-2009 at 21:16
cmh a hobbyist user writes:
I received V2 over a month ago. I love the improvements over V1. I actually like the new black and gray colors as well as the new knobs. It is also easier to use the buttons on this version allowing for more flexibility when switching between parts. 5/5 on build quality.

Sound. Well there really isn't much else like it. It's awesome. It can sound big, it can sound subtle, it can do glitchy sounds, it can do techno dance type stuff. I like to do more experimental or aggressive sounds with this. The flexibility is sick. You really have to hear it in person to believe it. I have a Moog Voyager right next to it and it holds it own next to the voyager which is saying something. The bass end on this thing really sounds fantastic.

Flexibility is ridiculous. The new version has 4 gigs of sample space. It has a fully operational OS at this point. There is no recording of knob movement or overdub as of yet. Having only one programmer means that these releases are slower than we would like.

It isn't easy to use out of the box. It takes patience and play to understand the interface. That is just the way of it. But it is such a worthwhile journey I'll never sell mine.

I give it a 4.8 out 5. Which in my book is damn near perfect. Very little gets a perfect score. I have some sound samples up on bandcamp showing the showing rhythm and beats and a video as well showing some of the filter

the video is up at youtube under spectralis 2 pattern. and the rhythm and beats are up at bandcamp search for instrumentsofflight the ep is machine.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-21-2009 at 13:17
m a hobbyist user from usa writes:
There are a lot of people who absolutely gaga (on the forums, online, etc) about this unit - I think a part of it is the mystique of Joerg and how involved he gets in the community, and how responsive his customer support is.

OS 1.0 is set for sept 2008.

The unit has some very nice multi-samples in the digital playback module, and the analog synth is pretty flexible, but the amount of presets is not very large. The expanding system library has over 600mb of samples, all of which is carefully selected. Actually its hundreds of presets.

The drums sound good, the analog synth is good, but I have yet to understand the filter matrix (I have not read the manual).

All in all, if you are involved in any live work, or want a centerpiece all in one that is targeted, but still professional, towards ambient and techno related music with some real sonic character and quality, this is a great unit.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-26-2008 at 09:56
loride a professional user from The World writes:
Completely and utterly AMAZING!!!!

The built quality is Stunning ..unbelievable detail, a work of art!!

The interface is fantastic, smart and clever, very logical and easy to use..

And it has a Killer Sound !!

Way beyond the perfect instrument, it excels at everything in everyway, it´s not only an endless force of creative ways to create music it is also a live instrument, you will truly play your productions on stage. Never thought I could play a gig with just one machine, but the spectralis has made that a possibility..

The sounds is alive, would not say organic analogue, but it has movement and a sonic charghter that could be established as one of the greatest of mordent day synthesizers...

when OS1.0 hits it will without a doubt be the greatest leap of modern music technology for dance music ever created!...Yes this is the more than just the ultimate grove box..This is the GOD of groveboxes!

Its many years ahead of its time, the hybrid sound is fresh and the samples you load into it take on a higher production quality as soon as they pump out of the spectralis outs! and its built to last for the next 30years, and that how long you´ll be playing it.. its THE BOX dance music has been waiting for!!!

I think I can safely speak for all dance music producers around the globe when I say !!!Thank You!!! to the designer Jörgen Schaaf and Radikal Technologies for creating such a phenominal unit!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-25-2008 at 10:41
Bombur a part-time user from Europe writes:
Wll... basicaly a pretty good machine, but sounding a litle bit digital. Still far better than the rest VA, including the Virus. The analog filter adds some weight, but the addition of the filterbank is questionable... A vocoder would be more useful, i think. I think, their algorithms are more responsible for the characteristic sound than the filter itself. Still a good 4. PS. I heard somewhere, that the team that designed this is the same that worked for Quasimidi. The design of the machine would approve this. I just loved their instruments, they had a spirit of their own.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-15-2006 at 13:05
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