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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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LoHr from usa writes:
this thing sounds great, i have no doubt in my mind it will please most people sonically, but the agleable desktop/rack ability is pretty damn lame. while it looks really cool witht he greyish semi-blue color and the white detail text and lining, the fact that it eats up THREE rack spaces is horrible. i think they could have layed out out a little better to only use 2 rack spaces.. oh well. it still sounds exelent. from happy to mad, from soft to hard, good to evil.. exelent for bass's, and leads, also good for weird sound effects and pads. and the selling price of $300 brand new from musicians friend its a great deal.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-May-16-2003 at 16:50
FaX-O-Matic a professional user from Australia writes:
Not a synth for everyone . That said this unit is very well made with a strong sense of self and personality to boot sonically. Capable of a huge array of sounds. This is more like old school vintage in many respects . To get the best out of it use external sound processing (trust me you won't believe your ears). Very very late 70's in concept but capable of many synthetic moods and textures. Lots of CC controllers 83 to be exact ,combine this with 14 modulation destinations an 4 sources + a step sequencer for your CC's and your laughing. I honestly cannot believe RedSound have not shifted these by the truck load. MultiMode is the real jewel in the crown with Prophet VS and 600 like timbres available. Very very raw ,gritty and character ridden sound quality. This is definately a love it or hate it kind of unit. Definately one of the easiest to program and the results can be jaw dropping when combine with delays ,phasers , guitar amp simulators and the like. A SECRET weapon to be sure. I could easily buy another. Sit well in a mix next to FM ,Analog (PULSE) and my MicroQ + MS2000. Seriously I couldn't live without it. Best bang for the buck synth purchase I've made ever ;-).

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-15-2003 at 23:02
DreamSequence a part-time user from ThePeaceLovin'USA writes:
I've had one of these for several months now. There are a few tricks to making it sound thick and "pro" (when you want that)- external effects and patch layering via the multimode. I tend to use this as a special effects machine, layering 2-4 patches, running the result through tweaky effects and sampling it. It's also a source of bass that fills out the bottom end without dominating the sound. In fact it's very good for support sounds, little blips and stuff in the back of a mix. It's funny, I loved this thing, then I got a Nova, and I was ready to put this on ebay, but in the end I couldn't really do in conclusion, I wouldn't expect this synth (or any synth, really) to do everything, but it has its place, and the price is certainly right.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-23-2003 at 14:37
Nick K a professional user from New York writes:
Very moogish (Jan Michael Jarre)sound with some interesting and weird patches perfect for scoring movies.Very 70s sound not a dance synth eventhough it can produce so very rough sounds (maybe good for industial rock groups).My mark for it is high because of its distict sound.It doesn't sound like any other VA synth plus it has a generous 16voice polyphonic and it's 8 part multitimbral.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-02-2003 at 22:39
ThreeOfFiveTerranSubjunct a part-time user from United States of America....Oklahoma in fact writes:
I bought one of those Dark Stars about a year ago. My only complaint with it was noize. I bought an Elevata last month. I'm happy to say it's outputs are quite as a church mouse. I must say, once you learn the operating systems of any of the RedSound synths you can get very interesting things out of them. I wouldn't ever part with my Elevata, and may well buy a second. I got it dirt cheap at MusiciansFriend.

The sound of the unit. Well, it is nothing like my Korg EA-1, nothing like my KorgMS2000 (I've the rackmt too), nothing like my Quazimidi Polymorph, and nothing like the modeled synths that live in my computer...Reason...Emodel for Cubase. But it's sound I love. It has a strong sense of character, and there is never any question that it is the RedSound unit.

If you have lush analogue pads covered else where in your gear, checkout the'll be happy you did.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-01-2003 at 14:07
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