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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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David Seaward a professional user from United States writes:
Wow! This is just more than I expected. I started as a rap producer what a year ago now and have played with many expensive toys and loved them all. About 6 months ago I got a DJXII - WHICH IS FUN!!! but it's creation is 0 compared to the D2

First off i'd like to say that i keep making more and more beats on this thing. Except for the midi controller keyboard - it is totally alone on most of these beats. Some can be sold for $50 each just for the the license. THIS UNIT REALLY DOES SOUND THAT GOOD. Whenever i come up with a phrase - anywhere i just go to my D2 and record it. Then later i can do drums bass, more parts. The sequencer is simple ... but i couldnt tell Roland any improvements. It jus works solid and has quantize. This unit has NEVER crashed on me EVER. BUY this groovebox IT IS CHEAP BUT PRICE ISNT EVERYTHING - i'd rather have this than a 303 or a DJX and many 505 users sold theirs for this. The D-field is well, not the best thing in the world but definley really, really cool. You can do a lot with it ... some things i believe you cant even do with the brand new MC 909.

What really pisses me off is that this unit didn't do well. Although, if it did it wouldnt' have gone down to $200 and i woulnd't of bought it i dont c why people hate it so much. GREAT - ITS ORANGE!!! looks like a toy!!! wow. big deal. Some people complain about the RCA outs - okay, i'd rather have phono but they seem to work FINE. Thats right - theres no direct outs - but guess what, THE MFX ARE INCREDIBLE - The STUTTER is a amazing the LOFI is well incredible and they all have lots of parameters to work with. ROLAND, LISTEN UP! why the hell didnt u put the D-field on the mc-909? huh, why not. when u use the viynl option it even LOOKS like ur scratching viynl . Indpendently, i have designed the GROOVEKEYZ keyboard (the D2 with keys) a mini one with 47 keys (similar to the microkorg) and bigger ones with TWO D-FIELDS THATS RIGHT !!!!

I have no clue why this unit went out of production its a real winner

DJ XSOUNDZ those who choose to refute that can email me why

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-11-2002 at 15:35
MieK a part-time user from Dallas writes:
I got the D2 for a expantion for auxary sound and drum sequences in my setup. I use it in conjuction with a Roland JX305, I also edit the D2 the same way I edit the 305, (Exact same engine folks!) I mute my 305 while editing D2 settings, record a pattern to the 305 sequencer, then play it back with the D2 recording mode on. It also accepts my Insert FX Changes, knob movements, ect... And when I do patch edit on 305, the D2 patches are edited the same exact way. DIam! So in essence I got two 305s!

For you d2 folks out there, all your going to need is the MC-505 patch editor, a not too shabby 49 keyboard, and cakewalk. And you got yourself a decent setup, just use your creativaty...

The d2 is a great expantion module and its as cheap as new sound cards for your XP,JV,XV, Triton!

-- Miek

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-30-2002 at 02:42
Paul Strayer a professional user from USA writes:
The D2 is a great machine. The interface is a little off but it adds somthing new to the music. It is unlike any other sequencer ever constructed and it adds a LOT in real-time sets. I've spent hours toying with it without working on a single song.

Someone earlier commented that it's interface is to complicated, try using a Karma or Triton...then you'll see complicated. For a sequencer the D2 gets the job done, it IS absolutely shite as a stand alone sound source, but used as a sound module it is great. My D2 is in line with a Novation BassStation and they compliment each other perfectly. Use the Novation as a controler for production design, then when the song is done switch over to controling the novation from the D-field...very phat.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-10-2002 at 00:42
The Devil a part-time user from USA writes:
You know you could spring the $139 and go for an Oxygen 8 to control the D2. Suppliments the existing controls niceley. You get knobs and a 2 octave keyboard.

The Devil

posted Tuesday-Jul-30-2002 at 10:00
RO a part-time user from CA writes:
Yes, this pup is quite the bargain for $200 new. The D-Field offers a lot that no other synth can do and is very experimental. I find it quite inspiring and love the intuitive real time control factor that is all about touch. Cool.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-29-2002 at 22:15
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