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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Ohm a part-time user from Home writes:
the D2's D-Field is really incredible, especially if you use it as a controller for your synth rack (heheh) ---then you will be totally hooked on the D2 just like me---I will never sell it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-20-2002 at 20:48
Bobby a professional user from France writes:
well this can be considered as a toy, but a Wonderfull toy for ready sounds, 64 voices, many cool presets/patchs

the lack is a additionnal stereo output or a digital output :)

this gear is really cool to use, in five minutes you ve got a nearly ready track :) and then the fun of real time on the d field is great.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-01-2002 at 08:08
Rhonda a part-time user from CA writes:
MIDI, you are too cool---I love your sense of humor on all this. I agree with you!! Roland does help us find those grooves, and what we do from there is WHO we are!! Groove On!! With the D2, you can come up with some really different groovey stuff, waaaaay beyond the MC505 due to this great new D-field. People always resist change and new concepts and the D2 is no exception to that rule. The D2 is like a secret weapon that perhaps few will discover. That's cool, then maybe it wont be over-used by everyone and their grandmother too. ;-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-24-2002 at 22:53
Shankara a professional user from Big Mountain writes:
yeow!! who would choose a DJX over a D2?

D2 has a lot of tricks in it, but you have to use it to see its beauty. Its unique and I think Roland deserves a bit of recognition for coming up with this new concept. They know apparently that what we want is variety and not the "same old stuff" all the time. For those of us experimenters, the D2 has oponed a new door with the D-Field. At first people dont realize it, but when you use the D-Field, you are doing things that cannot be easily achieved or duplicated by other machines without many many menus to navigate thru. Ponder on that and you will see the beauty of the D-Field perhaps, but really only by using it do you get the pleasure from it. This is not an intellectual perspective, I am using the D-Field daily and its amazing!!...try it, you'll see

well, I guess that about sums it up. The D2 is truly a sophisticated piece of kit....and well the DJX has its potential and its place---BUT----??????--------nuff said.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-22-2002 at 19:38
The Devil a part-time user from USA writes:
charming ray, here is what I know thus far:

The D2 has I think 256 waveforms from the mc505, these can be edited by the filter, lfo and envelope however I believe that all these are overall general settings so there fore you couldn't set a filter envelope or an lfo for the filter (not 100% on that though)

The D2 is assignable I believe however I will have to go home and check the manual. I think it some CC's are unavailable to use with the dfield.

Note type specifies a note length (not a gate time exactly) the possibilities range from 1 to 32 where 1 is a whole note and 32 is a quarter note. This is used primarily for step entry. I will say that step entry is rather different on this unit than others I have owned however once you get used to it it can be rather handy.

X-fader allows you to cross fade between to sounds so basically replase the X with the word cross. I guess considering the size of the unit they didn't have enough room on the label.

Supposedly the sequencer can record live d-field movements, I need to check on that cause I have not tries it yet. I do most movements live.

For an overall the sounds are editable but no more so than the average rompler, AWE setup. I haven't delved to deep into that yet as I just got the unit. I will send you more info tomorrow if you like. I would say it is about as editable soundwise as say the RM1x. As for the sequencer. Well a pattern can be from 1 to 32 bars long however I have not been able to create one under 4 bars. That is OK with me but it looks like Roland screwed up in the manual on that one. As for the sequencer well I use the RM1x as my main sequencer which I fell is the best out there. I use this to sequence mostly rythme parts and slave it to the RM1x. I do find the arpeggiator in the D2 much more robust than the RM1x however to be a stickler if you want an arpeggio just practice till you can play it or step record to make your own. Depends if you want the live adlib or not. Hope this helps.

The Devil

posted Thursday-Mar-21-2002 at 15:55
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