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Average rating: 3.2 out of 5
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DJ Toucan a professional user from all US of bAse writes:
Ok, this mixer has been out a few years now. I got a nice deal on a new one and I must say this is a nice mixer for any DJ who is upgrading from a plain and boring ( no eq's, no effects) DJ mixer before the whole everyone wants to be a DJ era started. ( I think that was 1998 or so )

First off this mixer is not for anyone who is thinking of getting into hiphop battle mixing stuff.(like DJ Q-bert and Kid Koala do so well). It's too big and too much stuff for you to handle. The smaller Roland DJ-1000 would work out better for you.

This mixer is for people like me!(who?! haha) Ok, people who are studio type people. You get effects, Eq's, Midi Sync, more Eq's and more things than you could ever get with ANY other DJ mixer! Sure the Pioneer DJM 600 is nice but you only have 2 knobs to play around with its effects ! DJ-2000 you get 3 ! And an effect balance. So make it 4 total. And you have buttons that select the range of that effect ! High, Mid, Low, ALL. (making that a grand total of 11 real time controllers!)So you can really make some cool sounding effects work with your mixes! ( I have!) Some of the effects seem to be the same as some found on the Roland EF-303 or SP808!! If you balance the levels correct (adjust gain on the channel wanted to apply effects to and the effect balance knob) you can use the effect to mask your mixes to where people cannot tell if your doing it or the record was made that way !

And last, this mixer looks nice! It has the great $900 street value Tr-808 Orange on black case look ! So your getting a nice mixer worth $1900 that only costs $1099 ! Wow ! Roland is throwing in the TR-808 look for free! heheh

OK for real , this mixer is one of a kind. If you find one cheap pick it up! If you find it new pick it up ! This is the first Roland DJ mixer ! But due to everyone one saying bad things on this message board (BOOOoo!) I'm sure Roland will not make any new 19" DJ mixers in the future. Everyone has Roland's Tb-303 syndrome ! When it comes out everyone hates it, then give it a few years and more people want to buy it more then ever!

Well. I think I've said enough. If you have any questions about this DJ-2000 please send me an email.

WARNING A few of the people who review this mixer below currently don't own this mixer anymore and some of the bad things they say are not true ! I've had this mixer for months now and have made 2 awesome mix tapes with it! I don't ever plan on getting rid of it ! It does the job ! You just need to be a better DJ !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-06-2001 at 08:24
ANDREAS a professional user from GREECE writes:
Sorry for ROLAND but i agree with George Tsai Li's review . I thought that ROLAND is a professional company , but this mixer is unprofessional especially in the sound. I puted back my old mixer ( NUMARK DM-1900 ) Big diference !!

posted Saturday-Feb-24-2001 at 15:19
RoJo a part-time user from Michigan writes:
I brought one used for 500 dollars, and I like it a lot for five hundred dollars. However, If I was paying full price I would probably buy a DjM 600

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-07-2001 at 13:31
jonhy from LA writes:
forget the dj2000 get a pioneer djm600 the quality is way better just try it out the knobs the faders and the feel are better.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-13-2000 at 21:17
George Tsai Li a professional user from USA writes:
I have had the mixer for two weeks. Out of the box, the mixer does not look very professional at all, at least not for a $1495 MSRP mixer. You would expect the case to be made like a tank, but it felt like a Taiwanese crap mixer.


1. Cheap taiwanese casing and feel. 2. Cheap knobs which reminds you of rubbermaid plastic 3. Numark faders are much more superior than the faders on this mixer. Unfortunately for Roland, they don't have a fucking clue about DJ mixers. The crossfader developed static after two hours of plain beatmixing between two channels. No scratching or tricks. During a mix tape making session with some transforming and scratching, the fader's post seemed to be bending back and forth. Got cha! as I was crabbing with it, the fader stick went flying across the room forcing me to spend $40 on a new crossfader. This has never happened to me, not even with Radio Shack mixers. This shows you the shittiness of this mixer. Forget about three deck mixing with the line faders.

4. PCBs can only be described as stiff cardboards. Most of the construction of the mixer is surface mount technology. With the cardboard PCB's and surface mount, how are you going to be able ever to service this unit?

Audi side:

1. Terrible sound. I was expecting some 1/4" or XLR balanced output for such expensive mixer. Heck with it. Only RCA and 1/4's unbalanced. The sound of this unit reminds me of the old gemini mixer I used to own, I think the pmx-15A...

2. The input gains and the level meter fight. Yeah that's right. Only a moron without audio knowledge could design something so absurd. With my DJS concorder carts, it was impossible for me to lower the gain down so that under the MASTER/CUE meter, the LED's would hit the 0 dB mark. Fully counter clockwise, the gain knobs only reduces the volume of the input instead of turning the sound off. Such level still drive the meters overboard.

3. A little clockwise turning of the gain would start saturating the output and there would be distortion.

4. The EQ's can only be described to be only average at -16dB to +16dB.

5. There is no crossfader assign, so you are screwed if you have three turntables running and want to do some X-fader assignment.

6. The transform buttons are cool, not cool as well. Even though they are cool because you can pop samples and shit quickly, there is a CLICK when you push the button.

7. All the faders are shitty.

FX's section:

1. Every effect except the filter is useless. That's right. A flanger does not sound like a flanger and a pitch shifter only works on vocals and badly... The delays work, but they are the cheesiest delays I have ever used. The slicer is a joke. If you use it, people will think that you are making mistakes beatmixing. And most of the effects will only assure that the floor will be cleared and you be fired as a Dj.The filter is good and that's it. As far as auto syncing to the beat, forget it. It does not automatically sync. You have to tap on a pad the beats for the unit to lock to the bpm.

2. The FX's come blasting. That's the easiest way to go deaf. Just push the overdrive FX, filter, or the JAO shit ON and you will understand what I am talking about. I thought the Pioneer mixer had problems with their FX's volume, but DJ2000 will surely blow up your speakers!!!


For two weeks I have been trying to find what I like and what I don't like about this mixer. I tried hard to find something I like about the mixer and I could not find anything except the isolators. That's the only cool thing with the spring loaded GRAB action for rave parties. Anything else I not only did not like, but hated. I so much hate this mixer, that I will never contemplate on buying any roland products. They are making cheesy crap.

My vote is for 1 and that's because there is no 0 in the Mark's list

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-26-1998 at 02:55
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