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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Gunnar Westlund from Stockholm, Sweden writes:
What I think is especially great with this machine is that it is in fact a complete synthesizer in it´s own right. You just have to determine the waveforms. You can sample just about anything and loop it real short. That way you get a clear wave. Then use it to make sounds with the DJ-70s´ exellent filters. And since the samples used this way are really short and the parameter registers are really small, you could actually have a complete synth on one floppy. I did this when I had my DJ-70 and since it´s multitimbral and all it becomes a powerful workstation. Load in a couple of drumsounds to and off you go! It has a very fast MIDI respons-time so the rythms are kept really hard and punchy. I sampled my friends SH-101, just the basic waveforms with the filter wide open ( because the DJ-70 uses subtractive synthesis ) and made loads of great analog-type patches. Then I did the same with the DX-100 and so on. It´s kinda cool having like ten disks with a different synth ( in effect ) on each of them don´t you think. That´s creative sampling for you, those things can do more than play jungle drum-loops you know! At least the Rolands, I have never tried another, I never had to! God I miss mine! I sold it a couple of years ago and I think I´ll give myself a good beating for it before I go to bed tonight. I plan to get one again as soon as my piggybank feel the urge to kill it self by jumping off the bookshelf. Maybe I´ll give him a hand! Does anyone know if it´s possible to load WAVE-files from PC into one? The mk1 that is.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-01-1999 at 19:49
Matthew Peterson a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Great sampler (my first, and a great deal at $750 from AMS...). My only complaint is its SCSI incompatiblity with Steinberg's ReCycle!

This is off their Knowledge base:

Unfortunally the S-760 does not support the SCSI protocol very well if you connect it to a PC/Windows computer. Roland Japan said that: - It does not work with W95 at all. - It does not work with any PCI SCSI adapters at all. - It might work with an old ISA 1502 or 1542 SCSI adapter (if you are lucky).

Therefore we will remove SCSI support completely for the S-760 on the PC in ReCycle 1.7. (On the Mac it works fine.)

--- (Oh well, I have a love/hate relationship with Roland :)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-02-1999 at 16:57
Moho from the molten core of the earth writes:
I had the original version of this sampler. I'm sure the MkII was much improved, but what I had was pretty much garbage. The interface was nothing short of cryptic; totally user un-friendly. Also, without SCSI you had about 40 seconds of sampling, and once you powered off the machine it was gone. To re-load all your samples again took many floppies and took in excess of five minutes. Unfortunate, as the live perfomance possibilities were incredible. I'd love to have a nice E-mu E4xt stuffed into a keyboard like this... with SCSI.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-01-1999 at 10:23
Steve a part-timer user from US writes:
I just got the mkII on a closeout special for $750. Upgraded to 32meg ram for $40. I can only echo Brasco's comments that this is a great deal. If you can live without onboard effects (sample your sounds with them) and only 2 outputs, get one fast. And I may be the first to admit it, but I really like the scratch wheel. I haven't had this much fun with a new piece of gear since my first drum machine. This is basically an S750 sampling engine with some cool performance features. It's got multimode resonant filters, tuning, time compression/expansion, SCSI for storage on removable media like Zip discs.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-16-1999 at 19:41
Brasco a part-timer user from US writes:
Alright-just to clarify here, I've been getting questions on my DJ-70MKII. First, to hear what you sample from an external source, make sure the "Mon" is on. It is located on the page you sample from. Also, you have to plug the headphones or monitors into the left output on the BACK of the machine. Second, I got mine from AMS and did not get an warranty. Last, this sampler is great for hip-hop, jungle/drum'n'bass, dance, techno, trip-hop or any other music with loops and textured samples. Oh yeah, this thing has some cool filters. This baby's strongpoint would have to be live performance, but it works great in my studio with my sequencer synced up to my four track. There ya go!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-02-1999 at 23:19
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