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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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tre from usa writes:
The motif is better, its less sophisticated but who cares, the sounds blow Fantom out of the water, much more sparkling sound quality on the Yamaha boards, so you dont have to be a recording engineer guru to get a LARGE sound...Fantom sounds are plastic, Motif is way better, I owned each for year...


Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-15-2005 at 18:26
The SoniX a professional user from U.S writes:
Ive had the Fan-x for a good 5 months,and I must say its the best workstation money can buy.At first I was going to pick up a motitf-es since I was already familiar with the sequencer,and ive created some nice tracks with it,but after demoing the fan-x I was sold.Its got to be the best sounding,easiest to use,sample ready machine on the market.The sounds are amazing,every catagory, the sounds dont dissapoint.As for the guy who said the strings are mediocre,dudes got to be kidding.The strings are the best sounding and most expressive out of the motif,and triton.True for his opinion on the organs.I suggest getting the ultimate keys srx board for better b-3 sounds.The synth sounds-sick,acoustic sounds-sick, the sampler-amazing.Drum programming is a breeze.Sequencing takes getting use to,but you will find out that you can do anything you want it to do with a little patience and manual studying.The mastering presets are real convinent.Editing sounds is simple yet very deep.I love this thing.Ive made some monster tracks with it.I highly suggest this over the motif and triton.Only thing it lacks compared to the other 2 is a bunch of effects blocks,but most sounds dont even need them in your 16 part mix. 3mfx plus chorus and reverb gets the job done nicely.The 4 outputs to a mixer makes it complete when mixing your tracks.Trust me get a fantom-x.Its a wonderful addition to anyones setup.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-05-2005 at 21:45
Johnny Gotham a professional user from USA writes:
I've had the Fantom X7 for a few months now, sufficient time to dig in to it a good bit, and here are some observations: this is a very good workstation with alot of excellent usable sounds, deep and very user-friendly programability, wonderful sampling interface and generous built-in ram, and a decent keyboard feel -- better than the Motif and blows away the crappy feeling Triton.

I DO have several complaints about it though: what's with the cheap build quality ? I'm not just picking on Roland as all the big 3 manufacturers are guilty of this. If I'm paying a couple thousand $ for an instrument, it should feel rock solid. Hell, I could drop my old Prophet or Yamaha CS20 off the roof of a building and they'd still work fine, but these new keyboards seem like they're all nothing but cheap plastic. At least stick some wooden or rubber end pieces on them ! The front panel buttons don't feel very solid either. There are not enough pedal jacks---one switch and one control pedal don't come close to being sufficient, especially considering the cost of the unit--our Motif gives more professional options. Most sounds are great but the Fantom is way lacking in usable organ patches and the strings could use some work--it seems like Roland is trying to make up for sub-standard string samples by drenching them in effects. I have the advantage of being able to do head-to-head comparisons with a Motif and Fantom in our studio, and the Roland sounds better in alot of categories, except for the previously mentioned strings and organ patches. The only other gripe that I have is that the pad sensitivity, although improved over the Fantom S, still needs some work.

Overall, this is an excellent sounding synth with a very friendly user interface. I LOVE playing and programming the Fantom X, but for God's sake Roland, improve the build quality enough to make it feel like it's not going to break in half if I sneeze on it !

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-03-2005 at 21:40
Fantom Player a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Fantom X is a great keyboard you have to be an idiot to get frustrated trying to learn how to use it, it's the easiest keyboard out of the big three and absolutely no one in their right mind would attempt to buy a Fantom X to replace a drum machine or an MPC that's just plain idiotic on the users part. The Fantom X was made for keyboard playing and keyboard instruments and sounds not drum programming.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-25-2005 at 09:34
THE GREAT a professional user from Harlem New York writes:
Hello I have Had the Roland Fantom X7 for almost a year now. This Keyboard Is just smoke and mirros Let me start of by telling ya'll about the color screen when I first saw it in the stores I was like WOW COLOR SCREEN and the danm sells rep said it was the best keyboard out so I take it home go through weeks of pain trying to lean how to use it. After punching a couple holes in the wall from fustration I finaly know how to use this keyboard, Then when I listen to the sounds they are wack and cheesey. The Bass and Strings sounds are crap. When you sample and you want to speed up the sample guess what you cant even do that on the Roland Fantom without going to the menu and sound and adjusting the tune. But the problem with that that effects the whole keyboard. Instead of bringing High quality sounds they bring you useless crap like the D Beam controller which I will have absolutley no use for. I thought that with this keyboard I would not need an MPC because "OF THE PADS" no wonder why when I programed drums they sounded so lame the pads are so small and just not inspiring most of the time I was catering to the Roland Fantom meaning if I got inspired and couldn't get the type of sound I was looking for I had to just except the garbage patches on the keyboard,But back to the pads when my friends has a MPC2000XL and when I played around on the drums It sounded so live. Then I would put the same drum sound on the Fantoms Pads and I would just get sick to my stomach.

So the bottom line is don't be fooled by The color Screen and pads before you purchase one listen to the sounds and by the way the effect processers on there do absolutly nothing at all just a big waste of time using the Roland Fantom was a realy Depressing experience.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-21-2005 at 20:55
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