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Average rating: 2.8 out of 5
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tony a part-time user from united states writes:
This things got 24 tracks of audio that sound great but theres so many things i wish they would do with it.

The multi fx are great but the reverb section is lacking when you go into the multi mode the reverb is not like what it is in single, an i thought they would have fixed that.

Rolands other synths like the v-synth let you put a d-50 synth on it lol. i wasnt impressed with the arx expansions, i like the expansions u get on the v-synth or just something thats like a actual synth on a card.

Roland really pissed me off when it comes to having storage space for patches i dont understand because they keep upgrading the rom size but not for user rom for patches i mean its just midi data its not big.

Its sequencer editors are just about the same as the x6, you get a step editor and a microscope editor. i get pissed when i use either one because they could just combine them with the same shit, i dunno why they dont just put a tr-909 style grid editor.

as a sampler its much better then the x6 for storage but for editing its not as good as recycle or even there v-producer software but it works i spose.

like i said this thing dosnt need any more wave rom just rom for you to save your own patches but this thing is more like a miko than a triton and i think thats what people want these days. i would buy a v-synth but then i dont get everything on the fantom lol. i mean this is 2009 and my mpc 5000 has a real synth on it and my fantom needs one to. all in all it gets the job done.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-10-2009 at 16:09
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