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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Bob Leibelt a hobbyist user from Toronto, Canada writes:
This is a great way to pick up a Juno-106 for cheap! I don't know why there is such a price difference between them. In my opinion it should be worth more cause it's got speakers! ;-) That aside, it has a wonderful tone that is due in part to it's great chorus effect. String, basses, pads you name it, this thing can do it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-04-2003 at 18:37
chumley a part-time user from Canada writes:
Another misfit in the Juno series! The 6 has the cool arpeggiator, a hold button, VCF in, clock in and great clean sounds. The 60 has memeory but the DCB bus just makes it sort of absurd. The 106/HS60 has full midi, sends out sysex but drops the arpegiator and hold button [you can use a foot pedal] It does sound a little thinner which you think would be good for eletronic music but it's more grating than the 6. YOu can almost use it as an oscillator by sending a midi tone to the synth and the editing it in real time - the edits are recorded so you can repeat them. If you're looking for a truly electronic instrument then you'll like this. It does have 'piano' and 'brass & bass sounds' but compared to modern synth sounds they're awful! A good way to learn - turn off the chorus and you can really hear the sine waves and how they undulate. It does beat out the JP-30 because you had to switch the synth to edit and back again before you play. Abd the expression input at the back controls volume.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-17-2003 at 08:21
Jeff from USA writes:
I got my HS60 when it was brand new in 1984 or 85. That thing still works to this day. I never use is as I play out with a Yamaha MOTIF6 and W7 but for durability and effects creation that Roland was and is still very fun.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-11-2003 at 15:46
Kyle a hobbyist user from U.S. writes:
This was my first hardware synth...and while it isn't the best...its usable for great pads and bass sounds. I've done some repairs to it myself (the keys were damaged a bit during shipping), and I've considered removing the speakers (to reduce weight)...but I figured since I leave it my "studio" all the time it doesn't matter much. Its kinda interesting to shoot it through a distortion pedal or a tube preamp...can get it to sound nice and...harsh. Not pretty any more. Don't pay too much for this...but its a good beginner polysynth.

posted Tuesday-Dec-31-2002 at 19:15
eadmon a part-time user writes:
A friend of mine just brought over a keyboard someone 'gave' him. {No really, actually gave it to him several months ago}. Anyway, it's a Roland HS60. I didn't recognize it but the layout reminded me of the old ARP days. I knew it had to fairly dated but now that I've been to this site I see Juno all over. I definitely remember those days! Problem - NO Power cord. The modern molded AC cords have 3, not 2, prong connections. Sure would like to see if this thing works. Anyone have a suggestion for a power cable?

posted Saturday-Aug-25-2001 at 20:41
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