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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Anonymous a professional user writes:
This synth is still one of the best on the market even though it was introduced in 1998.

To really get the most (and I mean the MOST), spend $30 and get the Video Manual from Roland. The instructor is awesome and he really gets under the hood and explores every square milimeter of this synth. What was really cool is how easy you can Gate sounds from OSC1 from OSC2 or Gate drums or other devices that go through the inputs.

The Virus is a great synth, but I think the JP8000/8080 is more flexible so if you want deep, pounding, fat bass, you can get it. But if you want angelic pads or Jupiter style bleeps and buzzes, you can get that too. One major advantage of the JP8000/8080 over the Virus (in my opinion) is the amount of buttons AND sliders. The Virus requires you to nagivate through a lot of menus, but the JP8000/8080 has 90% of its features laid out in front of you. Not to mention that you can create 48 customer patterns on this syth which can be 1 to 4 measures per pattern.

Although the JP's manual touches on all the features, you will learn the most from the video manual. This synth is fantastic and used by so many professional musicians, especially in the Trance and New Age genres.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-17-2001 at 16:04
Bryan a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I _love_ this synth. Used to own a JP-8000, sold it for a Novation Nova, which I then sold to get a JP-8080. The JP has a particular sound, punchy and thick and gritty. It's tough to describe. All I know for sure is that I have yet to find a comparable synth. The Novation is much smoother - an exaggerated example would be a comparison between Sasha's "Xpander" (which features the Novation sound) and Crystal Method's "Keep Hope Alive" (which features the Roland). Obviously, it's a difference of taste, but for me I prefer the nastier Roland sound.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-17-2001 at 14:23
Keith a hobbyist user from Portland, OR writes:
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use the upgrade on the Roland site for this synth. I tried last night with a top of the line setup (PIII 900/384MB RAM/Pulsar 2/Cubase) and it destroyed my 8080. The 8080's in the shop and I'm out $$ and my toy for the next few weeks. If you can live with it the way it is now, do so.

posted Wednesday-Apr-04-2001 at 20:42
EDGE a professional user from USA writes:
I love this synth it's good for starting or finishing a track I might only use one or two sounds out of the synth on a track but those are the sounds that make the track stand out. great for Future rap and R&B music this synth a mini moog and a MPC will bring 2 PAC BACK FROM HIS GRAVE!!!! WWW.KRUNKBEATS.COM

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-30-2001 at 23:10
Veli-Pekka Tätilä a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
Version 1.4 of JP-8080's OS is still available from Roland's ftp site ( even though they have no link to it in the actual site web site. The Readme file really sucks. It doesn't tell what is updated and the instructions are really poor. Basically if you plan to update the OS, dump all the MIDI files to the JP one by one. I have succesfully updated my JP to the the OS version 1.4. Although I screwed up the OS the first time, but fortunately you can try the update as many times as you want. The oscillators sound much brighter which is a good thing. The filter also sounds better and some effects have been improoved abit. p.s. Just letting you know the update is still there if some-one wants to try it out.

posted Friday-Feb-09-2001 at 10:40
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