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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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don juan cappucinno from LA writes:
i just sold my JP-6 for $800.00, and bought the JP-8080 for $875.00, and i couldnt be happier Don't get me wrong, I loved my Jupiter 6, but the tape loading mechanism thing really killed it for me. Some dumb ass out there in webland has this website that lets you download the Original Factory Presets for the JP-6, and every time I tried it, it just erased the whole damn thing. Reprogramming that beast is not the funnest thing on earth, and since I bought the 8080, it seems as though i can get sounds very similar to that of the JP-6. You just need to get inside of it, and not be misguided by the presets. The vocoder is also awesome! too good for words. If you're thinking of buying this synth, i suggest you do it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-27-2000 at 05:04
Mike Andrews a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
Okay, I've got two good reasons not to buy this synth :

1) When you use really punchy attacks, the filters crackle. Roland should be really ashamed of this; it's not like it's a $ 500,= synth you know?

2) MIDI on this machine SUCKS bigtime, I tried everything, but the machine just crashes when you try to record slider/knob movement. On top of that, there's a real corny use of TWO MIDI inputs ??? One of them can't receive Sysex, the other can't be used for MIDI-clock sync... If that's not bad enough, there's no real MIDI thru on the machine... Come on Roland!

Now you're thinking, why did this guy rate it at 4.0 points? Because it sounds warm and lush. Sure, allmost every preset is dance orientated, but with all those knobs, this synth screams to be tweaked. And then some amazing warm, phat sounds come out of this thing. Also, it looks so cool and retro. Man, this 6" unit really is an eye-catcher. Okay, so it's not perfect but I like that. It gives this synth character (which is very hard to find these days).

I also noticed someone comparing this synth to a Nordlead. Come on, that's like comparing a Fender Strat to a Gibson Les Paul. Two completely different (and both terrific) machines!

Nope, I won't ever trade this one, unless someone offers me a Supernova II or something like that (yeah right...). For it's price, it's the warmest synth on the market today. Period!

Want to listen to some of the incredible sounds? Check out my song Synthopia on This song was almost completely generated on a JP8080 (except for a choir from my JV1080 and some drums from my Alesis DM5).


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-24-2000 at 17:27
Michael Godfrey a professional user from us writes:
If you ever pined your life away wanting a Jupiter 6, then get a JP-8080.

I HAD a Jupiter 6. I played my JP-8080 next to it.

I SOLD my Jupiter 6.

It sounded just like the JP6 except it went way further.

Guess what?

The MKS-80 sounds exactly like an MKS-70, and Jupiter 6.

I have an MKS-80 / 70 still.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-16-2000 at 17:44
DON`T listen to the presets either!!!.. the JP-s do fine without the onboard FX (which are just simple chorus and delay FX anyway), just a tad of reverb on the desk and good programming will be enough (like the Nord needs) .

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-09-2000 at 07:30
sean starkenburg a professional user from fort lauderdale, usa. writes:
Wazzapppp!!! seems like alot of user reviews on this site have disappeared so maybe a few new one's could come in handy... I've had a jp-8080 in my studio for about a year... if you really need alot of multi-timbrality forget it... only good for 1 or 2 sounds at a time when sequencing (bi-timbral). I also have a yamaha ex-5r and it's perfect for creating large multi-patches. but nonetheless i will never part with my jp8080 because it has some very fat, bright, ruff & warm sounds, and it's built in effects like stereo delay are very clean and of high quality. great for trance pads and killer leads, and of course it's ease of tweaking (filters, modulation etc)by having a knob for everything is great. tweaking sounds on the ex-5r isn't half as simple. it's vocoder is wicked!. if you're unfamiliar with a vocoder and how to use it (as i was) remember you need to plug the mic in and play the keys you want for the melody while you are singing... (duhhhh!)I use cubase and have it's orange vocoder plugin and havent figured how to follow a vocal melody with it yet... seems you can't use it in real-time like you can with the jp8080. so for vocoding/vocal morphing the jp is worth buying for that alone... wouldn't be surprised if eiffel 65 did his whole album with the jp8080 vocoder. s.s. 4/1/00

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-01-2000 at 11:35
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