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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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blueshifter a professional user from USA writes:
I own this beast, love it to death. I wanted to reply to some of Dolphin's "con" comments:

1) sounds digital- any Hallucinogen fans out there? Digital ain't necessarily bad. 2) sync troubles- it syncs flawlessly, you just have to dig into the manual a little bit (good manual, for Roland...) 3) the choruses / distortion do suck, but you have tons of control over the delay times (again, dig into the manual). Plus, they sync to MIDI! 4) Roland sells out! Hey, we all need to pay the bills... You're telling me that Star Wars re-re-release was done in the name of artistic integrity?

Some other pros- 1) Morphing and Motion control (the 8000 has this too), basically, the ability to quickly and musically edit a bunch of parameters at the same time. 2) Built in Limiter on the Audio inputs, can anyone say Daft Punk drums?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-08-1998 at 20:58
Jim a part-timer user from Belgium writes:
I think what everybody's sayin' is right, the polyphony is OK ,but the only an upper/lower part (2 parts timbral.) that's plain stupid ... my VIRUS is 16 parts! But ... the JP's strings are great and that supersaw on OSC1 really is kewl , wish my VIRUS had a Saw-wave in it's OSCS , anyway , the JP Doesn't sound as "ANALOG" as the VIRUS / NordLead2 but it has some things the others lack , like Treble/Bass control (not very impressive but...)SuperSaw (makes great RAVE sounds , like said above , but also makes a nice string set ...) Vocoder/ext.input-filters(VIRUS has this TOO + CHORUS+DELAY+FILTER on ALL input !!). So the JP is pretty good but it just won't do a Moog-kind of sound ,which i like ,( the virus does them alot better ... a little fiddling with the EQ on my line Mixer and the moog sounds are there !) The Strings are great but there are a lot of preset sounds that seem to be PCM-based and very difficult to disassemble into the original waveforms from which they origin. 4/5 tough

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-30-1998 at 22:58
Dolphin a part-timer user from USA writes:
All in all this is a good synth. I just bought the demo from a local dealer. It appears that these things are pretty hard to come by. I'm sure this will change in the coming months. First I'll list the pros then the cons.

Pros: (1) Basically a JP 8000 but with more patches available. It can load and save JP8000 patches in the user spaces.

(2) Very good synthesis possibility. Unless you're into cheesy "RAVE" sounds, make your own. With a little work you can come up with a good variety of sounds. All kinds of pad/strings, good leads, and excellant real-time control. Its quite easy to get good solid "Progressive Trance" (ie Sasha/ Digweed/ Blue Amazon) type sounds.

(3) VOCODER!!!! The best feature of the synth is the ability to filter ext. sounds plus do a vocoder all with the parameters available to be tweaked in real-time. Everything from Kraftwork to ELO to electro plus all of the other vocoder tricks. Besides with VC-10 s and VP-330 at over a $1000.00 anyway, I think its a good deal.

(4) Although people do complain about the polyphony, I think ten is good considering the price. I mean the Z1 or the Nord cost quite a bit more and only deliver a few more voices. Its not like were talking about GM 32 note vs 64 note synths. Besides, all things are relative so look at Bass Station or Prophecy (monophonic).

Cons: (1) Still sound quite digital on some patches.

(2) Some trouble syncing the arpeggiator to midi. (I think I'll figure that out later)

(3) The effects suck. Almost every performance has at least one and you can't edit them. The effect paramaters this is.

(4) Roland needs to get away from the whole GROOVE thing. I dont't say that because some of the GROOVE products are cheesy, but only because Roland has always produced quality products that through their design and sound qualities became classic. The GROOVE products are trying to become classics and replace the nostaglia created by the real classics: JP 8, 6,4, SH101, TB303, TR series, MKS series and the like. Roland should have just been like George Lucas with STAR WARS and kept it mysterious instead of trying to capitalize on their previous products sucess.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-19-1998 at 23:29
craig a hobbyist user from aust writes:
I meant 4/5 I clicked wrong button

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-18-1998 at 06:59
craig a hobbyist user from australia writes:
Well it sounds great but typical of Roland they have to go and complicate things. It's got 2 midi ins, so if you want to set it up with a sequncer it gets complicated, you can use the midi in from the sequencer and the midi out to the sequencer but this means the arpeggiator and the rps cant be controlled, so then the other midi in the 'keyboard in' can be used, but this is supposed to go direct to the jp8080, in my setup as in most sequencer based setups the master keyboard goes direct to the sequencer and then can control any external midi device, so anyway, you can get midi loops and all kinds of problems. But anyway I kinda figured it out using a 64x midi patchbay. Mine came with a free memory card, on board the jp8080 has 3 banks of 48 sounds and 1 user bank of 48 sounds, with the free memcard in its slot, ( I just leave it there permanently) this gives another 32 banks of 48 sounds, so an enormous amount of memory. apart from the stupid midi thing it sounds great, and because it sounds so good I widsh it had more timbrality (it's only 2), it's got a much greater sonic capability than I thought. Anyone know where I can get a cubase studio module and maybe some patches, jp8000 patches work in thejp8080.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-18-1998 at 06:57
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