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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Keith Middlemass a hobbyist user from Hawick, Scotland writes:
God created the world in 6 days and designed the JP6 on the 7th. Without doubt my favourite synth and I've owned / used a lot. Not classed by the anoraks as a 'Classic' but who cares! I've got one and that's all that matters. Sound possibilities seem endless. Its never failed me even after almost 20 years since built. Best looking sizer I've ever seen. You wouldn't believe I got it for £100 and a MKS7. Glourious! AMEN...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-12-2002 at 15:39
synthartist a hobbyist user writes:
I disagree. The JP 6 does not sound exactly like the Jupiter 8. The Jupiter 8 is without a doubt fatter and warmer. I am not here to bash the JP 6. In fact, I think it is a great keyboard. I have one beside my Jupiter 8 as well. I think that the JP 6 has better spacey pad type patches than the JP 8. The JP 6 is fatt indeed, but is not leaving behind the JP 8 by any means. I think both of them sound entirely different. A Jupiter 8 is extremely warm. However, warmth may not always be what a person wants or needs. If you want warmth like Toto's Africa then the Jupiter 8 will deliver. If you want really bright spacey pads and cutting leads then the Jupiter 6 will deliver. They sound different. A lot different.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-26-2002 at 14:33
Chris L a professional user from London writes:
One of the great synths of all time. This synth has it all. Much better in every reapect than most other 'classic' synths. The sound creation possibilities are huge. It has all the features. The build quality is won't find many owners compaining about unreliability. It sounds just like a jp8...I've got them side-by-side so I know...but is improved with a better filter and midi. Great cross-mod possibilities. Analogue polysynths don't come any better than this. It's not a beginners synth though. A novice might get a little lost, even thogh it has sliders and switches! It's the kind of synth that you buy and keep forever. Sell all of your analogue junk and buy one..if you can find one. If any synth is worth 5 marks, then this one is. A great classic.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-28-2002 at 14:09
william winslow hansen a professional user from canada writes:
well ive owned my jp 6 for three yearsand must say its one of my favorite pieces of gear it was used alot on myfirst album withthe band alunared in wich iam a member i bought it from the original owner and it was mint for 500 bucks canadian unfourtunatley one of my cats damaged one of the keys the first month ihad it the factory set has long gone and as of late ihave been experimenting with it while playing through a vamp hendrix meets vangelis i suppose but it sounds real cool this synth realy kicks sonic butt and looks wicked other antiques i own are juno6 cs01 sequential drumtraks sy22 cz1 i also own new stuff as well ilove analog and digital its all about how you abuse the gear sonicly

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-25-2002 at 02:59
synthartist a part-time user from Van buren, Arkansas writes:
I would love for Roland or really just about anyone to produce a keyboard controller specifically designed for module realtime filter tweaking! They could make a PG 2000 and it could have 76 weighted or non weighted keys with tons of filter and arpeggiator fader or realtime controls onboard. Then you could go out and buy a JD 990, MKS 80, MKS 70, and similiar modules and just go crazy tweaking the filters!!!! It could have the same layout as the Jupiter 8 but add a ribbon controller, motion control, touch sensitivity, etc.!!! I wonder why this has not been done yet? I wonder if it would be compatible with any module out there. Let's say you wanted to use it with an oberheim matrix 1000 then maybe some of the controls would have no effect. One thing that some of these analogs are missing is effect processing. You could put an effects unit or two in your rack that respond to midi and run one or more modules through it. Basically I would be most interested in delay, reverb, and chorus but why limit yourself? The controller could have a link function specially designed for aligning effects patches to synth patches!!!! WOW! I would pay $2,000.00 for something like this!!!! What do you think? Will it ever happen?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-17-2002 at 12:22
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