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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Nicholas Hladek a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The JP-8000 is the only synth that I own, and I think that it is an extremely good synth. Granted, it's really not the be all and end all to my collection. Once I get enough money, I'll probably check out a Virus or hopefully be able to hunt down a Moog or vintage Roland, but the JP-0000 will still remain a part of my collection. Hey, most guitarists don't stop at one guitar, why should we be arguing about what's the one good synth. Haven't you ever heard of technolust?

When I first bought it, I thought it was a mistake because I heard so many people telling me that I should check out the Z1, AN1X, and the Virus. Once I did check out these synths, I came to the conclusion that the JP-8K ain't so bad after all. The knobs are certainly an asset over the Z1 and AN1X, (and it's cheaper than the Z1) and I've never seen a Virus in the store ... having never heard one, I can't really offer an opinion.

All in all, an extremely competent synth. Can be used to create very innovate stuff and is decent at worst. (Yes, I meant what I wrote.) I would be very content to create a whole project just using this synth and a cheap BOSS drum machine. It's not how fat your synth is, it's how you use it. And the JP-8K is certainly fat enough for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-09-1999 at 16:47
Jimmy a part-timer user from USA writes:
I LOVE my Jp-8000 DEARLY! As a matter of fact its the Only Board i have and am using currently along with a Tr-707 and a Dr-660 and an MC-50 for sequencing. I can create whole tracks usin only My Jp8k, and i love it. I love the Super saw Waveform, so THICK!! If i lost mine or it broke i'd Weep dearly, then buy another one all over again. I think it beats a Nord Lead, (Alot Thicker) this thing is FAT! Check out Velo Decay Bass!! And check out the patch "trancer"! add the Jp8k's wet filters, that patch will talk to you....and if you mess a bit, you can get a whoop ass TB-303...And Cheap nasty plastic? When i was carrying it somewhere I Clumsily ran it into the wall...the wall had a big chubk taken out of it, and all that happened to my Jp was a lil paint mark (which washed out easily) MAN!! i love this thing...look foward to havin her for years to come!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-24-1999 at 16:53
Chaz a part-timer user from Connecticut, USA writes:
Allright, I've had my JP for about 4 months now and I love it dearly. People complain about it sucking, but when you actually learn how to model sounds to your little hearts content you realise the potential of this. I am in 2 projects, Morpheus (industrial/intelligent techno, me solo) and an improv act called Flow (with my friend mike). The JP-8000 may not have drums (except for one set of kicks, and so what that's what samplers are for), but the Super Saw Oscillator, aww jeez, it is so phat. I have used the Yamaha EX-Series keyboards among many others (I work at a music store :D), but still, I like the JP the most. It is a string/pad fans dream (me), and it is real simple to use. Getting back to flow, the JP is incredible when mixed with other keyboards (flow arpeggiator is real cool, and RPS is even cooler. So what if you can't sequence on it, I have yet to sequence one song on any keyboard I have played/owned. That's what programs like cakewalk are for! I currently use this board and a Roland R-70 to make all my music (and my has an XP-50 and my JP-8000). We have come up some sick shit.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-23-1999 at 19:00
jesse standing8 a professional user from canada writes:
ok. i have a juno 60 and now i also have a jp 8000. i tried a jp 8000 out a year ago and i wasnt too into it. i was happy with my juno 60 and it worked well. it also came to a dead end as far as the sounds i could get out of it.<p> i took the jp 8000 and made a sound quite similar to a patch on my juno 60 and then i played them back to back. the juno 60 was the one sounding thin! holy shit. analog purists talk alot of shit about the digital stuff coming out and i say they should shut the fuck up. i play it though a 900 watt bass amp into a 8X10" cabinet and a 1X15" bass bin and it sounds pretty fucking fat to me. my only complaint is i hate the presets. i want to pull the memory chip out and put a blank one in. i hate how the keyboard goes straight to its 'performance #11' when you turn it on, rather than playing whatever sound the knobs and sliders are set at. im sure i will get used to it/work around it. the prophecy sounds good, but monophonic is out like jheri curls and should be an option not a standard. the juno 60 still rules, but it looks and sounds like a museum piece compared to the jp 8000.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-27-1998 at 21:21
Jimmy a part-timer user from USA writes:
I did many many months of research on the jp-8000 before buying it.Now that i have it, I can rightfully state som opinions. 1.) the jp-8000 doesnt suck as bad as lots of people say. I find it pretty damn good and fun to use. Now was it worth the price? i got mine for $1000 brand new, and i'd say its worth about that, maybe $900. Then again, cant you get a Nord Lead or an Access Virus for around $1000?

2.)Even though this was my first "analogue" synth, i wasnt blown away by the sounds. The Tb-303 emulation is...well...lets just say if you want a TB303 then you ought to get a tb303...Everyone is worried bout "phatness" these days..the jp-8000 is not the fattest sounding ive heard, but its up there.It also couldve used more leads. As for pads..I Really like using the Jupiter and Juno pads..they really fit my music well (Synth-pop)I think the Jp is really good at creating warmth. Hey it aint got VCO's but who cares..It also couldve used another LFO, cuz Lfo 2 is only for Modulation (pitch bend and so forth)... i think the Other Oscillators couldve used more waveforms (like Osc 1 has all the cool waveforms) Oh yeah...the feedback Osc. is pretty damn can make sound feedback..oooh....but altogether, i liked the 7 can get some pretty weird shit come out of the Jp.

3.My other griped were that there were no drum sounds on here..well...theres this one sound called Mirror Balls that sounds like a DEEP kick drum...and if you fiddle around a lil bit with the knobs, you can make a funny sounding hi-hat..but no drums sounds...damnit now i gotta pull out cakewalk...or go get me a Boss dr-660...I also didnt like the fact that there was no type of sequencer on , im not askin for the full blown 16 track...but at least give me a 6 track or somethin...i have to yet again use cakewalk for this...Had these two problems been fixed, youd have a whoopAss synth...but hey, no synths perfect right?....i suppose itll hold me over till i get me a Nord or some vintage stuff i been lookin for..Dont get me wrong..the JP does jus gotta know what your doin with it..

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-27-1998 at 13:11
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