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Alejandro Rodríguez a part-time user from México city writes:
First of all my english is the best as I can.

About the JV 1010, I can say JUST BUY IT, it has on board (inside the engine, not a card) all the sounds of the session expansion board, just think, how much does that card cost? well that card cost as much as a second hand jv 1010. You need a computer to get a full acces to the engine. I tested it whit a friend that bought cakewalk and you can manage it with a studiopanel made especially for this module. this studio panel contains a lot of sliders for each voice considering that each voice could contain four voices, besides you can control the fx sliders too

polyphony 64 voices but consider that some voices are made with four voices, so this means that you can use only 16 voices at the same time , for example if you use a junopower pad, this contains four voices to sound like that, but other pads like echo drops pad this one only contains 2 voices so if you think that you are using only two voices (juno power pad and echo drops pad)at the same time thats not the truth , because you are really using 6 voices

Fx: 3 at the same time this means you can combine a chorus, reverb (8 types) and one of the other 40 efx at the same time. some of the other 40 efx are: gate-reverb, stereo-delay, distortion-flanger, overdrive-delay, fbk-pitch-shifter etc and the good part is that you can handle the parameters of each effect like for example distortion-delay the parameters are:

-distortion drive -distortion pan -delay time -delay feedback level -delay hf damp -delay balance -output level

User memory 128 patches performances 32 rhythm sets 2

wave expansion board: only 1 (you can buy a patch disc, ther´s a lot of pages that that sell patches .

you can go here to find some links for that

midi in, out, thru computer connector mac, pc1, pc2,

you cannot use pc conector and midi conector at the same time, but I conect my keyboard to my computer with midi cable to the sound card and the module to my computer with a serial cable that I made (the manual contains the diagram to make the cable)

The manual for me is toooo bad to understand the module.

you can use cubase too to manage the module, go to

you can use it with fruity loops too. ask a fruity loop owner.

The volume is low , but I can live with that.

If you want to use the module to manage it without computer I dont recomend you that because its too limited, or if you want it as a midi player i think its better to buy the virtual sound canvas it sounds fine and its cheaper

almost all sounds are great for me, I just dont like the violin, it sounds too ugly, if you have a violin patch that you can (regalarme) to give to me I will preciate that.

You can go here to download a free editor and some patches for this module:

Well thats all folks.

You can skip the next comments

If you live in the USA or in Europe, well you can work a little bit an buy a tritón or karma synth, but if you live in México where the minimum salary is like 140 dollars per month, well, what can I say just buy a jv 1010. I studied the equivalent of the college, I studied administration in México city and I got an offer to work in an World wide Editorial, but they offer me 450 dollars per month minus taxes so I decided to buy a JV 1010 and enjoy my life composing music and singing my songs.

If you dont have the money, well you can do what I did before i bought the jv 1010, I started composing my songs (actually all my songs are composed with this software) with a freeware called AXS, you need a soundblaster isa card to use this software, this is the best software I could find, it has a sampler, a 16 chanel sequencer and a synthetizer, you can play 7 synth sounds at the same time plus 9 sampler sounds with a low pentium 233 mhtz, well you need to configure the ini filie first and set to 22000 the sample rate to avoid clipping. If you have a better computer you dont need to do that. it sounds great, well at least for me. the site is:

but you can download it from here:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-24-2002 at 12:41
benscriven a part-time user from England writes:
Yeah, it sounds great, it just seems to me that it doesn't have enough polyphony. three or more simultaneous tracks and it goes ragged and starts cutting the strings prematurely.

has anyone else had this problem?

posted Friday-Mar-22-2002 at 18:58
Nick Chan a part-time user from Malaysia writes:
In this price range, its probably the best all round module. With one SRJV80 slot , it's a plus. If you're getting it new, why not get a used JV1080. If polyphony is not a problem, get a JV880 or JV80. This unit has cheap FX and D/A. Add $50 more and get a QSR (2 QCard Slots), QSR sounds better in a mix, but still quite cheesy. It is true that the sound quality is slightly reduced. If you're happy with mid-range stuff, this is good for you, or QSR or NS5R or NSEX. You won't regret getting a used JV1080 at the same price. If you have lots of money, get PC2R. You'll notice difference between expensive stuff and cheap stuff. But add a SRJV80 board and it is worth it. I'd say it's good as an 'SRJV80 board host'. other than that? Nah..... Save your money please. THE BEST MID-RANGE MODULE WITH MID RANGE SOUNDS AND MID RANGE PRICE

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-25-2002 at 10:44
Panos Chatzigeorgiadis a professional user from Greece writes:
i just got mine - new - during christmas... and since i am using other Roland equipment i can say that this module sounds really great and it is highly recomended for anyone making music either as a pro or a hobby-ist... i play trance music and i am currently involved in a number of projects in the U.K. so i find it very handy in the case i really need to get it at the studio away from Greece... concerning the sounds these are really great for any genre of music especially the analog synth emulations and the pads at least to what i am concerned...furthermore it features great string sounds and te quality of acoustic instruments is extremelly high for the value of money paid for this little box of tricks!...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-10-2002 at 17:53
Tim Gill a part-time user from USA writes:
Just got the module last week, and I love it. Granted, it is my first sound module as a step up from a SBLive!, but it sounds great for what I am doing. A good "Bread and Butter" module, with excellent emulation of traditional acoustic guitars, pianos, strings, basses, etc. Just listening to some of the patches gives me musical ideas to use them with. B3's have key clicks, guitars have fret slides- all these little nuances that make a believable synthesizer. I have fooled several musicians with it.

As some have stated, it is not aimed to compete with $1000-2000 units, but it provides some of the best value for its price. It contains all of the patches from the 1080 and 2080 units, the only advantage of the other two being that they offer more expandability and easier front panel control. I can control it well from the front panel or from Cakewalk, using the *.ins files from 'lilchips systems website.

Overall, a great module for its price- I use it for Jazz, orchestral, etc., and am hoping to try it out with the orch1 board.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-17-2001 at 21:50
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