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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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a hobbyist user writes:
Retail price is still around £799, I got mine for £550 coz it was an EX demo stock. Second hand is really cheap, but? memory cards. For someone who runs out of memory, your gonna need a card.

posted Wednesday-Jul-23-2003 at 17:31
a professional user writes:
The JX-305 is a fantastic synthesizer by Roland. Aswell as looking sexy, it sounds sexy aswell!. some of the sweeps and pads sound really lush, aswell as those floor pounding basses and screaming leads!. The JX-305 is the best choice for the price. This synth would of made history if it was more popular. I'm really happy and inspired by mine, I just think its the best box ive ever bought. This synth can do anything, and I mean anything, not just dance. I knocked up a track sounding just like a pro rock band, its just awesome. The JX-305 should be taken seriously, its a serious synth!. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. For the price, nothing in this world can beat it.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-21-2003 at 17:42
michael a professional user from New York U.S.A writes:
Excellent synth, forget the presets. Anyone who keeps harking on about presets can't program or use their imagination. This machine is really great for dance music composition. You can bring your ideas to life very quickly. The irony is, if Roland had called it the JX305 and left out the groovesynth tag. Then this synth would be a classic right now, especially when you think of what your getting for the money. There is alot of stupid & small-minded dance composer wannabes who would be willing to spend a $1000 dollars on a Roland TB303 bassline which does one thing well. But wouldn't part with $500 for this superb synth, which can put an entire slamming dance track together. Simply because some famous producer used the TB303 or it might be the Roland Juno 106 or TR 909 drum machine. All overatted & overpriced. If you want a single synth to put together professional sounding dance tracks, for a very affordable price. Then the Roland JX305 is unbeatable.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-19-2003 at 10:25
Will clarke a professional user from England writes:
An awesome synth, that's all i'm saying.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-17-2003 at 15:14
Stop arguing a part-time user from Paris writes:
Look, where does arguing get us guys?, its not the way proper musicians work, proper musicians appreciate ANY synth, just like a guitarist appreciates any guitar. Personally, I think this synth does not deserve the bad attitudes its being given on here. This synth is highly decent, but like any other synth, it has its pro's and its con's. Nothing in reality makes a synth the best, only the person using it. Surely you'd take more time making music than being silly on here?.


It sounds great and can be editied fully It has great realtime control for live uses It has a powerful sequencer with control functions It offers you a complete solution for production.

This poor synth offers more than enough for the price..£870 for mine, now they are even cheaper


It has a small screen which could of been bigger The memory cards ain't made anymore and You need an external audio source to use it.

If you do have a memory card, your safe. But yanno, please don't come on here comparing synths coz every synth is different. Just, appreciate anything you play on, learn more than 1 synth, it gets boring if everyone liked the same thing, agree?. Every synth is unique, for better or for worse. Most studios are made up of 10 or more synths anyway, so you couldent possibly tell me you rely on 1 synth for the job in any synth brand.



Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-16-2003 at 04:10
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