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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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lunarwynd from USA writes:
I've been looking for a live drum solution for awhile. I've always been down on the "grooveboxes" because I heard an MC-303 a few years back. Ugh! But the JX-305 is a much more useable instrument. The pattern based sequencing is easy for dance and industrial. I prefer sequencing background parts that way anyway. Everyone talks about the drum sounds being just 808 and 909 type stuff, but there are a wide variety of drum sounds. Considering that you can build 20 of your own rhythm kits and that you can set things like pitch shift, cutoff, resonance, and effect level for the three fx processors for each sound... that makes it a fairly decent sound warping drum box. The synth section isn't the greatest, but is more than useful for some basic bass sounds and sound effects in a sequence. I don't know that I would use more than the drums for recording. As a live machine, it couldn't be better... whether you want pre-sequenced songs or to just trigger patterns from the keyboard. And don't let the preset patterns scare you. You don't have to use them, they're nice to snag the occaisional drum pattern from, and they're kind of fun for just playing along with when you're bored. The practical upshot is... it's a highly decent drum sequencer with some great warpable sounds. That's worth what I paid for it. It gets a four for bang for the buck.

posted Friday-Jun-08-2001 at 15:51
Georges Franco a professional user from USA writes:
In my opinion, the JX-305 is an awesome synth for the price nowadays. I bought my first one for $800 and am buying a second one for $600 (my partner has the first one in his project studio). I hear all the critiques and I have to say that when I first got it, I loved it....then wanted to sell it.........then loved it again. When you get under the hood, it's great synth that can provide an arsenal of sounds for different kinds of music. I produce R&B, hip-hop, and dance. And while I wouldn't make this my only synth, I've produced many tracks with it (exclusively) that are pro-quality. People have come up to my partner and I asking "What gear did you guys use?", and we smile and say "JX-305". It's all about creativity. This is not the keyboard for "realistic" acoustic stuff. Drums need some tweaking (may want to use a drum machine and/or module alongside it). But it is great synth for "newbies" and an excellent choice for seasoned producers who are into urban dance music. A lot can be done. Phrase sequencer is great for our purposes because you can combine different patterns with totally different drum kits and sounds. If worked right (keyboard splits, phrase sequences, user edited sounds), your songs can definitely sound like 16 (or more) tracks. It is a central player in our set-up. Definitely get to know it before you downgrade it. It's all about creativity anyway, no matter what gear you have.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 00:55
andrew a hobbyist user from us writes:
its a really nice machine... its like a drum machine and synth in one... you can edit sounds and make some pretty cool stuff on it. good for beginners i guess.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-22-2001 at 22:31
Jeff Immer a professional user from Washington DC USA writes:
This is an awesome keyboard, not an awesome synth, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The 305 has a great onboard sequencer and in my opinion some awesome preset sounds, as long as you tweak the filters a bit. The drumkits are useable, though building a custom drumset or two is a must.

Along with a decent analog synth for making some signature sounds, this is an essential piece of my kit that I plan on keeping for a long time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-20-2001 at 14:20
Donnell a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The JX-305 rocks for everything but bread and butter sounds, if you buy this synth expecting to buy or get some latest roland high quality acoustic sounds like pianos and others acoustics you will be highly disapointed, Roland instead of giving you the uncompressed formated sounds from their library they instead give you the EXACT COMPRESSED sounds of the MC 505 drum machine! so basically this is a sorta Techno/HipHop machine and not a standard high quality roland synth in which they have been known to make so if anyone is happy with the tradeoff of high quality for variety of sounds at the now new low price this board can be great for a musician who doesn't need the bread and butter.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-25-2001 at 17:13
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