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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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miek a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This keyboard is only as good as you make it. And it is very much possible to get very convincing analog sounds. You must understand how analog circuitry and synths works first. Yes it is possible to get a 24DB Lowpass filter on this. But as of yet I havnt figured a way for oscolater sync. Oh Theres also lots of PWM possibilaties on this too. Whin I make songs with this thing I make a pattern with all 8 parts and copy those 8 parts to the next 2 empty patterns. I make some variation and delete uneeded parts and assign them to 6 to 12 PADS of the rps. I then go back into the origonal performance pattern and delete parts thats already in RPS. I then assign the other pads so I can morph between songs. So you are taking on up to 24 multitimbral parts per performance 99% of the 'insert efx' can be achived simply by tricky sequencing/patch programming. I'v managed to get softclip and hard clipping distortion artifacts. You can get phazing efx simply by sequening polyponic notes on top of each other in eqil incrimites of 1-5ppq. You can do monofonic ping pong delay. You can morph betwen up to 8 differnt sounds in a single patch. You can do TB303 glides and punchs by setting portamento to about 20-40 at 140BPM and Stepseq at %66 gate and %101 gate for sliding notes. You can do 'accent' simply by boosting vilosity of 'accented' note by 20 or so points, same for drums... Yes it is possible to make differnt drum kits with what ever sounds you want! I'v made some drum kits with 2 and sometimes 3 drum kits in it... I use the first 4 drum parts for the 'first kit' and last 4 drum parts for the '2nd kit'. Its always nice to phatten up a sound by coping the same exect sound into 2(or 3 or 4) tone parts of the patch and just detune it ever so slightly. If you use 'BOOSTER' functing to distort your triangle/saw type waveforms, apply sin LFO to the AMP of one of the distorted tones, you will then get noticable PWM. If you combine like strictures you will also be combining their filters into one output... If you do this and totaly silence out the first waveform in the chain, you will have a monofonic 24db lowpass filter slope for those nasty moog filter like sounds, but wait, the minimoog had a harsh edge to it, if you soft clip the waveform you will be the next thing closer to the real thing (ok mayby not) but use the booster after you combined 2 filters onto one waveform and you get a pritty nice moog sound with gigh tweekabilaty. I get so many ideas just wreighting this. I'm ashamed of your reviews, you cant judge a synth you never learned how to use. The 305 is the best alternative to a supernova! And dont forget to play with your lfos and envilopes.. Oh well my brin hurts

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-06-2000 at 02:40
dj huggy a hobbyist user from Switzerland / JU writes:
I buy the JX one year ago...

I think it's a great synth but the Beats sounds like a old bad synth. I use for Drum parts the MC-303 it's fat and nice than the JX

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-20-2000 at 05:27
~DoUbLe ThE pLeAsUrE~ a part-time user writes:
I own this cool device for quite some time now. At first I thought, ok this is a very cool device, few months later I thought it's ok, more months past, this sucks, more days past, I like this, a few weeks later, very cool. The thing that lets me down are the channels, only 8 of them 1-7 for leads, bass, effects, etc, and the last channel are for the drums which I don't barely use. For the drums I use the channel's that are supposed to be used for leads and bass, because when you use the last channel it doesn't allow you to use different drums simultanelousy. For an example, I want to use one of the snare from the TR909 and a hi-hat from the TR808 it wouldn't let you. You have to use one of the channel's that you wouldn't want to use for drums. I get the different drums from the menu's that you can find from H58 thru H88 keys C4-B4 for different sounds. Some people don't know about that feature, it sucks about the little amount of channels cause this synth I've grown to like a lot. Some of the sounds are very useful for me, I've learned how to make great sounds from this synth, my next buy is probably going to be the Yamaha CS6X. I went to GuitarCenter to try it out, the fucking synth was broken. But I downloaded some demo's from and I like a lot, CS6X has the sounds that I need to combine with the JX-305 to produce the sound i'm looking for!!! a industrial/trance sound, which creates my solo project "Gemini". JX-305 CAN create some warm sounds, you just haven't been able to program it well. Overall, a great synth to have in your collection not to mention awesome for live performance.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-10-2000 at 09:46
-wraith- a part-time user from Michigan, USA writes:
I owned one of these and sold it. Sure, the knobs are cool for changing parameters, but if you really want to get inside and modify sounds, you have to flip through pages and pages on the tiny graphic display. Quite a pain. Most if not all of the patches sounded a little to derivative for me. I prefer warmer sounding analog or virtual analog, and the JX305 is just too tinny sounding for me. I suppose that could be fixed if you're willing to twiddle with effects and EQ's for a while. Plus the keyboard has no aftertouch, and if it was intended to have a mod wheel, mine would only pitch bend. And no ribbon controller. The one feature I did like was the ability to mute and unmute the loops on the sequencer. It was very easy to make extended-play song and loop chains. However, not being a DJ I had no real use for these. In all, the JX305 felt and sounded more like a toy to me. It may as well have been made by Casio, in my opinion. If you want a Roland, go for the kick-ass XP line. IF you're looking for a dance-oriented synth, check out the Yamaha CS6X. I love mine.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-08-2000 at 19:08
Josh Whiting a hobbyist user from USA writes:

pros: cheap, punchy sound, good filters, knobs, nice selection of drum kits, can sync lfos and delays to BPM, you can get both really intense digital sounds and very smooth sounds out of it contains more patches and drum kits than the MC-505

cons: only 8 g*damn parts - any synth should have 16 channels but this thing only has 8, and 1 of them MUST be a drum channel, so you've only got 7 synth channels. its got a bunch of totally worthless preset patches and sequences. the sequencer is very annoying. i don't even use it's sequencing capabilities, i use it slaved to Cubase. does not have the "mega-mix" function of the MC-505 which is (imho) crucial for live sequencing

my synth's user memory is shot to hell. i was saving a patch one day and the thing locked up on the screen that says - keep power on! so i turned the damn thing off and now my user memory is fried.

besides this problem with my synth, its extremely underrated considering its price.

would i recommend buying this thing? yes, for $500. I was totally ripped off though because i bought it when it was NEW and paid $1100 for it.

DO NOT BUY A MC-505 over this thing, unless you really care about the sequencing stuff, the MC-505 has a better sequencer and the "mega-mix" function which is really key that the JX-305 DOES NOT HAVE!! But the jx305 has more sounds.

posted Friday-Oct-20-2000 at 13:36
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