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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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James Rafter a professional user from UK writes:
Awsome sequencer with spot on timing and plenty of room for growth. It makes my life easy...I still use computer based sequencers and software for somethings but i can do lots with this machine...i could do it all, but i like the change.

Would recommend fits in nicely with all my other gear.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-27-2001 at 21:52
jim a professional user from michigan writes:
been working with asr-10 for 10+years as one man band and studio work. moved to mpc-2000 after new 3.53 os which took 15 to 20 min to save songs.freaked me right out . lately found out to use 1.61 os which works fine. but in mean time transfered all seqs to mpc in real time , do that every time you want to move to another synth!anyway after all were transfered the mpc really messed up everything. took 7 year break to run a buss. then asked,begged to start playing out again i,ve tryed to get it all working again.used the mpc as seq and drum sampler.but!!!!!!!!! the mpc is sooooo!!!unstable stuck notes load seq. that was say 100 bars came in as 350 to 999 got to were i didn't know what it was going to do.must be me or this unit right! wrong ! i tryed two diff mpc-2000xl both were junk!!! lock up 5 time a night duration would be what ever it felt like . put 200 songs in alpha. order 2000xl users resave one song on your hard drive, where does it go? yes!! to the end of your list. must resave every song to get back in order. mpc' s are junk!!!! neat features but unit DOES NOT WORK!!!! I use it now as drum sound sorce only. THANKS TO MC-80 forget about all in one units people the mc-80 is the only thing to use for seq. will load at once all your seq to hard drive. reads right off hard drive. just dial in song push foot switch,yes foot switch control mpc users.while song is playing dial your next tune,preset lists out live will not cut it,when song is done push the switch and your off!!! you can group your songs into folders say, rock,country,hip whatever just press file open folder dial song and your off.great editing i know, i"ve gone thru every song/midi file from my mpc in which is full of corupt note holding for sometime 350 beats so you can see whats there at all times. nothing i,ve seen or heard about is even close to this stand alone seq. how many times have we looked for that perfect all in one unit? its not there or will never be if companys keep coming out with junk just to keep r/d guys in a job. until companys listen to what people want we'll just have to wait but for now get the mc-80 for your seq.storge and playback unit and every couple of months try the new sound units.the saying that i've heard for 25 years now " Jim they don't make what you want" !!!YET !!! but i'm still hoping . play the music not the machine best luck to all

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-04-2001 at 15:27
jim writes:

posted Saturday-Aug-04-2001 at 14:45
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