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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Roberto Ayala a professional user from Puerto Rico / Buffalo N.Y. writes:
Exelent! i bought mine in 1999 and pay $1200. with the first OS was crappy!!! then i found out about the upgrades (os 1.9) and it worked well and even regonized and internal Zip 100 drive that i have installed.No more floppies ,and you can mantain a back up in your pc!!! One of the best features (beside the storage options) is the mark jump section! i can play a song as long or short as i want and even program it while playing live.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-05-2004 at 21:51
Dwayne a professional user from livermore ca writes:
Well it dont get any better than this for a stand alone unit it does a good job for seq i ran computer base seq for a few yrs and i got nothing but nightmares in latency and timing problems yrs ago i had a mc 500 and that thing was like god when midi was in its glory days and seq was at its peak and since the software seq hit the shelves it ran the all the stand alone units on the back shelves so now is the time to get one before they hit high market value again also the MC-80 is a good sturdy unit it puts your music in your hands not your wallet as software does i had guys laugh me out of the music store until they here my stuff and the timing is dead on either live our in the studio plus you got hella options either a added hard drive our a gs sound module its my center peice in my studio and i just use the plug ins for the final mix , the stand alone seq is great and what roland is selling them for 800.00 is cheap youl have to special order one through roland our musician freind its worth it and more !!!

posted Monday-Dec-22-2003 at 10:11
C Gray a professional user from Australia writes:
A great sequencer with top-notch timing. The expansion card I bought for this blew me away. get the vegs-pro if u have half a chance

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-19-2003 at 22:05
vander a professional user from US writes:
Would somebody help me get this thing started. I bought this device without an owners manual but for some reason I cant get anything out of it. I have a Roland A-33 and was wondering if this was enough to at least get sounds. SOmebody send me instructions please....


posted Saturday-Feb-15-2003 at 06:52
indika edirisinghe a professional user from sri lanka writes:

posted Wednesday-Oct-31-2001 at 01:13
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