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Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
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David a part-time user from Australia writes:
When I 1st brought this unit home, I was like what a tank of a thing & only having 8 patches really raised an eye. What it really comes down to is the sound & what this unit could do, & in that area, it is Godsend. I've owned a lot of synth/modules & out of all of them, the only 1 that came even close to sounding like this unit was the Roland D-70 Rhodes patch, yet that still didn't have the richness of this unit. If you're looking for a rhodes style piano sound that is flawless in a MIDI rig, then this baby is for you, I still wait to the day they start making sounds of this calibre again. I will never sell my unit, so if you see one, snatch it up fast, you will love it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-21-2001 at 16:00
Jesper Andersen a part-timer user from Denmark writes:
This is my favorite! For years I asked myself "where does that great stage-piano-Elton John-expressive-supersound come from. The I learned that it was the MKS-20. I then bougt one (300$ used) and will never sell it again. The sounds are very expressive. This is because of a certain synthesis type which Roland threw out after the death of the ingeneer who designed it (true story). The MKS-20 sounds only made it in a few HP's, the P-55 and MKS-20. The chorus and tremolo is also great.

The sounds from the MKS-20 will work in a mix and stand clear live. It even has balanced outputs.

Try it and you'll get hooked. The funny thing is that it does not really sound like an acoustic piano - it just fills out the role of the piano perfectly and in many ways better than a real piano.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-17-1999 at 12:04
Tony Campo from USA writes:
Yes, I just bought a MKS20 used yesterday for 219.00$. I have bought more electric piano master keyboards and modules than I'd care to remember in the last decade. I'am a real Little Feat Fan. I know Bill Payne used?/uses this piece. I didn't feel it was a realistic sound in the beginning when he started using it quit awhile ago, I knew alot of people were buying them 10 yrs ago. But I knew that feeling he was getting using a piece of equipment that could put out a powerful sound. When he swithched from using the Yamaha KX-88/MKS20 combo, and went with A Korg SGx/Pro I knew he wasn't just using the SGx/Pro but I wasn't 100% sure, I thought I may have been setting the SGx/Pro up wrong. I have a Korg SGx/Pro. I records great, The midi implementation is great, the non-piano sounds are exceptional. It just couldn't cut through a loud Guitar mix. Frequency cancelling was cancelling my bank account. The Korg on board piano sound is alittle thin but has a nice atmospheric quality I like, But the top end basically sucked at volume. It does record well though. Onstage the Korg was a dissapointment alone. I've Layered it with a Kurzweil Micro piano a Roland P55 module, and an old EMU performance. All layered like shit to my ear. I know this is long but I'm a gearhead and still excited from yesterday. I went up to Payne's keyboard tech at a Little feat show two weeks ago and had the fact verified by him. Billy Boy (I love him) layers the the Mks20 for alot of patchers with the Korg and pushes the reverb up on the Korg. It's beautiful, The MKS-20 lays down a bedrock fundamental Piano sound and the Korg sweetens, they layer very well. Better than the other modules I listed before because of the density of the digital piano sound in the MKS20. I can finally feel good about keeping the Korg SGx/Pro. And I think I'm Billy Payne (sometimes)when I'm playin.( alittle skitzed ha!) This rig is still second unit though, for now... (have to gig with it more!) First unit is Kawai MP9000 - Awesome piece of gear!! We'll time to actually PLAY piano.....!!!! Boy what a life! It's Rock and Roll anyway!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-04-1999 at 16:03
Scott Slaughter a professional user from California writes:
This module is a keeper! A heavy 2 space, cumbersome beast. Don Garberg is right - make a half space version of this thing, maybe boost the polyphony and who wouldn't want one? I've played so many modules and piano keyboard that have a decade of technology on this box but can't touch it when it comes to sheer in-your-face presence. It's still used today by so many big time country sidemen - it's the best thing going live. Studiowise is a different story - stripped naked, the acoustic pianos will be a bit TOO is your face for sure.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-23-1999 at 04:03
exxosphere a hobbyist user from France writes:
The EP is the thickest u've ever heard, very upfront and extremely expressive. The first time I played with the keyboard version of MKS20 (it's a dinosaur Roland 'digital piano', dont remember the ref. RP3000 maybe??) I instantly fell in love. And still today, more than ever. U probably know one single sound is far enough to justify an instrument and to make a classic of it (do I need to take examples???) Jesus that EP !!! Wonderful vibes too, the exact warm&full sound I had unsuccessfully been searching for ages. It's a hot hot hot machine, I tell u, you cant get even a JV2080 (which I happen to own) to sound half as 'alive'. The day I found it was a day of mad happiness. Nobody seems to want them now but to my eyes this machine is already a 'classic'. It's simply a marvellous musical instrument.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-14-1999 at 15:24
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